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  • M1 Mac mini teardown reveals smaller logic board, non-upgradeable RAM

    entropys said:
    The RAM is separate to the SOC? Interesting.
    Apple is attaching the RAM to the SoC's package for performance. The RAM isn't part of the SoC itself. On phones this sort of package sometimes stacks the RAM on top of the SoC, but the M1 evidently puts the RAM on the side to better manage heat (and allow for things to get hotter without cooking the RAM). 

  • M1 Macs deliver Apple's first support for USB4

    ednl said:
    This article is another disaster. USB 4 does not necessarily mean 40 Gbps. That is the max speed but it does not have to be supported for devices to be compliant. This also means that the new name does NOTHING to take away confusion.

    It says so right there on the spec sheets: "USB 3.1 Gen 2 (up to 10Gb/s)" on all three of https://www.apple.com/mac-mini/specs/ and https://www.apple.com/macbook-air/specs/ and https://www.apple.com/macbook-pro-13/specs/
    As the article states (and this is not controversial), USB4 largely adds 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 to the USB spec. 

    You might think of it as being similar to how Wibree, once a competing wireless peripheral technology to Bluetooth, was folded into the Bluetooth spec to deliver BTLE. 

    The news here is that Apple is now implementing its own controllers capable of TB3 right on the SoC, thanks to Intel's donation to the USB spec. I initially saw comments saying that M1 had implemented this before Tiger Lake, but as I noted in a correction, there are PCs shipping with TL chipsets and USB4 since Oct.

    USB4 isn't such a big deal on PCs that ship with Intel chips, as PC makers could already ship TB3 with Intel chips. For Apple to implement this on their own silicon is noteworthy, even if M1 Macs arrived a month later. Without the new USB4 spec including TB3, Apple could not have shipped TB3 on M1, as the A12Z indicated. 

    From your comment, it seems you are actually upset with the marketing of the USB group; I can't help you there. 

    There does not appear to be any USB4 peripherals available yet, but M1 Macs can reach 40Gbps with existing TB3 products, which are broadly available. Companies making 40Gbps serial products will no doubt work to make them compatible with TB3 Macs (both Intel and M1) as the majority of high end PCs sold are Macs.  
  • M1 Macs deliver Apple's first support for USB4

    dv_42 said:
    Lmao, so I see Appleinsider continues to publish fake news.

    The entire premise of this article is false. Tiger Lake laptops (which include Thunderbolt 4) were released in late October. Thunderbolt 4 includes USB4, but it's faster.



    No, Apple was not first. Does anyone here do any research before writing an "article"?
    Do you have a real link to USB4 laptops currently on sale? Your first from September points to a model that was expected to arrive in October, but searching Asus brings up USB 3.x models. The other is from January. 

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    ednl said:
    The USB 4 name is misleading. It's technically correct because the new specification doesn't mandate supporting the fastest speed (40 Gbps). The actual supported USB speed is 10 Gbps on the new Macbooks, just like on the old ones. It's exactly the same "USB 3.2 gen 2".
    USB 4 is effectively TB3 converted to the USB spec for licensing. 

    Apple's M1 is the first hardware licensed to deliver "USB 4." It also supports USB 3.2 g2. So there aren't really USB 4 peripherals out there yet. And if its supports TB 3 at 40Gpbs, what makes you think the top speed is 10?  
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon M1 review: Unprecedented power and battery for the ...

    The people who hate Touch Bar are the same who think Macs need touch screens. They constantly talk about how great Surface is. They're PC people; they should buy PCs. I
    That is, respectfully, nonsense.

    I think the TB is a meaningless distraction (probably adds to the cost, however), yet I have no interest in my Mac having a touch screen. That right there invalidates your overwrought claim about "The people who..."
    I'm not speaking generally about anyone who sees little value in touch bar, I'm specially talking about the Verge writers who have content that just repeats "Touch Bar is atrocious and where's the touch screen and why isn't this a Surface?" And basically the Wall Street Journal too.