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  • If you have an iPhone with AT&T, there's a good chance your info has been stolen

    A company I used to work for stores the ssn in the free and clear in their database.  I also proved to them they had several SQL injection attack vectors.  Did they want to fix these things? Nope. Probably a combination of things: they didn’t care, moving too fast for their own good, fixing it wasn’t as sexy as a new feature, too cheap to pay someone to fix it, or all of the above. All of this and definitely more probably still they’re waiting to be exploited to this day.

    This is why we can’t have nice, aka things that work to protect us.

    Needless to say, but I no longer work there.
  • Magnetic cables were a sleeper hit at CES 2024

    It's comical watching the reactions of the passersby at CES when they're entirely unimpressed with AI-powered grills, but they stop and stare at a USB-C cable with hidden magnets.
    This. It’s such a good idea (magnetic cables) and solves a common immediate problem.  AI (eg ML) on the other hand, while improving, is more of a solution looking for a problem. Don’t get me wrong, ML is really cool and can be useful sometimes, but we are kind of in the same stage with GPT as IoT was/is (let’s slap a wifi and a cpu on everything to do “smart” things without thinking about does it solve a problem for people). An AI powered grill sounds gimmicky and kinda falls into this category.

    Im buying some magnetic cables next time I need a cable.
  • Apple and Android users deserve better universal chat than Beeper mini

    Replace “deserve” with “feel entitled” and this would be more accurate.
  • FineWoven is here, as Apple phases out leather in watch bands & cases

    lmasanti said:
    Not too many people knows tht cows… the principal providers of leather… are one of the most polluting animals…

    Cows expel huge amounts of metane… thru farts… one hugh climate pollutant.

    And most people don’t realize the number one green house gas is water vapor, contributing more to climate change than any other gas.  So much so that all the other gasses are like spitting into the ocean, yet we aren’t doing anything to prevent it from making it into the atmosphere.
  • Tim Cook confirms that Apple has been working on generative AI for years

    My primary problem with Siri is it doesn't remember context. So if I ask about where someone lives or the address of a company and it gives me the answer, I can't request, "Take me there" because it doesn't know what "there" means. I'm afraid I've gotten spoiled by GPTchat engines with which I can make backward references.
    I thought I remembered Siri was supposed to remember context, and had used that feature on occasion.  I think over time Siri has changed or at least I don’t use the scripted version in the 2011 keynote when Siri was introduced:


    I remembered Siri being a lot better then than now, but still prefer it over others, or not having one at all.
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