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  • Apple begins construction of new campus in Austin, Texas

    Soli said:
    Why Austin?
    Why Texas?
    Because California and in particular San Fran have no pleasant future outcome. Dead state walking. People and businesses are fleeing.

    I recently started a new company in the US. My heart has always been in California, but from a business POV it didn't get a look in. Florida or Texas. Florida won.
    Um, no. California is the 5th largest economy in the world. It's not going to simply die. What is happening, is Apple, like all companies, are moving to location where there are resources that are yet untapped, which for this type of facility means that Austin is a good fit.

    Your distorted feelings about California are not new and yet Apple completed an HQ right now the road from its previous HQ. So why would Apple do that if the writing was on the wall that companies were fleeing CA because, as you put it, is a "dead state walking"? Do you think Apple is that daft at operations? I don't, but if you do you probably should sell any stock ASAP.
    California actually has the largest outflow of residents of any state in the US, Illinois is a close second I think. CA isn’t dying but it also isn’t growing. I’ve worked with clients in California for 15+ years and there is a very large shift taking place today. I’m seeing so many more companies in NY, Boston, Austin than ever before and less in CA. San Fransisco is a shadow of itself today and not really all that pleasant to visit at the moment. Traffic, pricing, sanitation, taxes, take your pick. There are many factors driving the change and each company has its own reasons of course but so many young companies have realized they don’t need or want to be in CA to build an effective business. And the economic climate in TX is very enticing, without some of the CA upsides sure, but also without many of the CA downsides as well. I’ve always loved CA but it’s not the same today as even 5 years ago.
    Not growing isn't the same as dying, which was claimed. Humorously you also stated "traffic" as a problem there....traffic is a problem when there is high population density. 

    Losing some people probably isn't a bad thing for such a populous, desirable, expensive place. 
    Wrong. Nothing EVER stays the same. It either grows or dies.

    Traffic is also not a reliable indicator. I'd say part of the volume is due to people driving between multiple jobs to try to make ends meet, or simply driving around looking for a job!
    Our micro studio is not growing and surely not dying. 10 years or so. Europe. What should we do now?
  • Microsoft reveals ARM Surface Pro X, Intel Surface Pro 7, AMD Surface Laptop 3

    cornchip said:
    DuhSesame said:
    KITA said:
    DuhSesame said:
    KITA said:
    So my guess is this is a Snapdragon 8cx derivative with an added AI core.

    Still can't keep up with the A12X from last year, and the A13X is right around the corner. I really would like to see an A13X powered MacBook. It's time for Apple to take their complete control of the entire stack (hardware/software/dev tools) and apply that to an ARM MacBook.
    The MS presenter did state that the new Surface Laptop is 3X faster than the new MBA.  So take that for what it's worth.
    He's not wrong.

    The MacBook Air uses a 7 W 14nm i5-8210Y (2 cores / 4 threads, 3.6 GHz turbo) with UHD 617 graphics and LPDDR3-2133 RAM.

    The base model 13.5" Surface Laptop 3 uses a 15 W 10nm i5-1035G7 (4 cores / 8 threads, 3.7 GHz turbo) with Iris Plus G7 graphics and LPDDR4x-3733 RAM.
    Performance claims from manufacturers often are misleading.  Pick the best sample/benchmark/environment comparing to the worst of your competitor surely makes a huge difference.  Ice Lake isn't that different in terms of IPC than that 8th-gen, so I doubt it can do 3X more.

    Besides, 8210Y is already one year old, where Ice Lake was just announced.
    The specs should have made it pretty obvious, but I'll throw some numbers at you.

    Cinebench R15 Multi:

    - i7-1065G7 (i5 should be slightly lower) - 830
    - i5-8010Y - 285

    3DMark Fire Strike (1920x1080):

    - Iris Plus G7 (Ice Lake 64 EU) - 3156
    - UHD 620 - 947

    Ice Lake merely improves the IPC, so "judging by the specs" it looks only like 2X.

    Also, I can get mine running at ~299 (average) in a loop, a score of 830 is not 3X and that's the highest configuration.  Probably not an average score either.

    Also, runs Windoze..

    This and even worse no Sketch app.
  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    melgross said:

    Machinery is a business investment. If you don’t have the business, you can’t make the investment.

    I'll try with the mac pro mini 2019 specs that would make semi/pro apple users happy:

    Core i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Radeon Pro 555X/560X
    + free ram slot - easy to upgrade ram & ssd.

    Basically it's a MBP15 configuration ( MBP15 $2,399.00) minus screen ( you don't need another screen, so iMac is a no go ).

  • Cook talks slumping iPhone sales in interview, to reportedly hold 'all-hands' meeting with...

    colinng said:
    They send demo units to "influencers" i.e. people with YouTube channels. They hope that Apple customers are truly sheeple who just buy what "influencers" show off. 

    Apple is failing because it is pandering to fools, hoping that "a fool and their money soon part." They forgot their customers are artists, creatives, directors, engineers, authors, teachers, scientists. 

    You mean artists, creatives, directors, engineers, authors, teachers, scientists don't recognize recommendations from some lovely youtube "influencers" like "iJustine" at all?