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  • Compared: Apple News versus Google News and Microsoft News -- which is the best for you?

    How about focusing on trust?  Who is naive enough to trust any of these politically jaded tech corporations to be the filter, funnel, and truth finder for news?  No thanks.
  • Tip: Convert physical Blu-ray and DVD discs to iTunes with Vudu and Movies Anywhere

    I thought I would share my more educated experience after a frustrating stumble through this yesterday.  I've now successfully followed the VUDU Disc to Digital 'HDX' + Movies Anywhere linking to iTunes for 30+ BluRay and 10+ DVD.

    At this point, I would approximate 70-80% of my legacy BD/DVD movie library qualifies for transfer based on the titles I have attempted to scan through VUDU D2D.  I would expect everyone's results to fluctuate significantly depending on library titles' movie studios, combo packaging, alternate D2D inclusions, etc.  I would guess maybe 50/50 luck with boxsets when they included individually retail packaged titles with barcodes.  It's worth noting that a handful of BD titles were recognized as DVD by VUDU D2D, thus resulting in a $5 fee, opposed to the expected $2.

    Having now fully linked Movies Anywhere with my VUDU and iTunes libraries, I do have ~95% cross-visibility between libraries.  Testing all the newly imported titles through iTunes Movies via Apple TV 4K on Samsung 65" 4K HDR highlights tremendous variations in picture quality.  DO NOT EXPECT IMMEDIATE 4K HDR UPGRADE TO YOUR ENTIRE MOVIE LIBRARY.  This is never going to happen for multiple reasons.  While obviously true for older DVD movies, I was/am surprised how many of my library's originally BD disc movies (now technically VUDU 'HDX') have yet to be fully remastered for 1080P HD streaming (yes 4K HDR would be nice too).  Titanic for instance does not even have an 'HD' designation within iTunes movie description.

    Some titles do look horrible to be completely honest.  Some of this may have something do to with HDR enabled Apple TV 4K attempting to output non-HDR content?  Overall I find the process worthwhile for library consolidation, although I personally have yet to see any D2D titles streamed from iTunes equal the quality of a bluray disc or 4K stream.  Hopefully iTunes Movies' "free 4K HDR upgrade" gradually occurs for titles over time.

    The bottom line:

    Your results will vary

  • Tip: Convert physical Blu-ray and DVD discs to iTunes with Vudu and Movies Anywhere

    OK, thanks for the tip on the sync bug, I will hang tight.  It looks like my VUDU account linking needed to be configured both directions to/from Movies Anywhere, but I do finally have full visibility from both VUDU and Movies Anywhere libraries.  I have fairly large iTunes and BD movie libraries, so it would be very nice if I could pull the BD library into iTunes via the VUDU Disc to Digital + Movies Anywhere process.  :)

    Thanks all!