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  • App Store's Dutch dating app payment policies are 'unreasonable,' regulator says

    badmonk said:
    Can a vendor setup their goods in the Amazon.com store, then use their own alternate checkout & payment processing system? Or do they have to use the mechanisms provided by Amazon, and any backend rules established by Amazon?
    Agree with this analogy, why does the real on-line shopping monopoly of Amazon not get the same degree of attention as an App Store duopoly?  I constantly mystified why this gets a pass— the real third party sellers are constantly been placed at multiple disadvantages on the Amazon marketplace.  Is it just a failure of regulators imagination?  Too much navel-gazing with their phones too think beyond their little brains?

    I know people will rebut that Amazon has competition from Walmart etc etc but really they don’t…nothing comes close in North America for the expanse of their reach.
    Oh my this argument is old and tireless, Do the same rules apply to the MAC? the Mac has an App Store and the WEB where you can buy the same app for the SAME platform  and pay a different vendor. I can buy Word on the MAC APP STORE or I can buy it from Microsoft direct. I get the same app - the same software, I just had a choice who I bought it from. Does this work for the iPhone? NO - I can only go through the App Store on the iPhone to get a particular app at what ever apple says can be done on that store. The same does not apply to the Mac.

    I don't know why people will not admit that. If we get another store a user can choose where they want to buy from.  Choice is competition. Funny how back in the day everyone was up in arms over Internet explorer being bundled. But when another company does this - it's all fine. Sure we had linux back then too, but the issue was only over Microsoft. hmmm. 
  • Intel's next iPhone cellular modem could completely replace Qualcomm chips

    Koll3man said:
    nunzy said:
    Bye bye, Qualcomm. Maybe suing Apple was a bad idea, eh?

    Yeah big win for Apple, not so much for future iPhone users but who cares Qualcomm makes the best mobile phone modems? These are just unimportant details.
    Exactly, I had the iphone 7 on AT&T and that modem was pure trash, then it got worse, I swtiched to T-Mo and the iphone 8 was so useless picking up signal compared to my Note 8 and now LG G7, what a joke that modem is.