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  • HomeKit support lands on Amazon's Eero mesh routers

    Soli said:

    I bought them for my mother's ridiculously large house right before Amazon acquired them. The HW, SW, and setup have all been great. Apple's existing routers weren't ever going to be good enough since they don't have a proper mesh option. I don't think I'd buy them today because of Amazon, but I also can't argue with the results.

    PS: Unfortunately, she hadn't been using the Eero routers for the last several months. An ISP tech came out to the house and convinced her that her routers weren't good and that she needed their modem/router combo for an additional monthly cost. ߤ젏f course her range and speeds are considerably worse now, which is why she contacted me… which she should've done before all this happened. I got her back onto the Eeros, but she's still paying the monthly fee to the ISP. :sigh:
    Just an FYI, I don't know who your mothers provider is, but at least with Spectrum they can remotely turn off the wifi(all their modems now include wifi).  They pulled the same crap with my parents, but I was able to get them to refund the couple months they charged the $5.00 wifi fee.  I could care less about the the amount charged, its just seeing them take advantage of a generation that may be less technically inclined pisses me off(for essentially a downgraded experience from an older Asus gaming router). .
  • iPhone 11 versus Galaxy S10e -- Benchmark and hands on comparison

    To go with its passable facial recognition, the S10e also has a built-in ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in-screen. The fingerprint sensor is more secure than Samsung's facial recognition, but it too was fooled with a quick 3D printed fingerprint. That's not something everyone is going to have as a resource, so it should be good enough for most users.

    I am pretty sure the S10e doesn't have an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in-screen, the scanner is built into the power button.  I believe only the S10 and the plus/max/big version have the fingerprint sensor built into the screen.
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  • Sony opens preorders for noise-cancelling, fully wireless WF-1000XM3 earbuds

    iqatedo said:
    I remember active noise cancellation talked about in the 1970s as a possible means to quietening jack hammer compressor noise. How far the tech has come though with microelectronics. I recently purchased Sony's WH-1000XM3 wired headset and find the loss of outside audio cues almost overwhelming. The systems plays well with Macs and the iPhone too.

    I bought the XM3's prior to a flight earlier this year, I tend to stress out from all of the ambient noise(plane engines, people, crying kids, etc) and these things completely changed the flying process for me.  Its definitely disconcerting at first, but now I would not step on a plane without them(or Bose Quite Comfort, which supposedly are very similar).  Assuming I can toggle the noise cancelling on and off without having to go into the app and that they work half as well as the over ear version, these will be a day one purchase.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G now on sale via Verizon, but can only use 5G network in two cities

    avon b7 said:
    wallym said:
    I think 5g is much further out than anyone thinks.  I remember 4g took forever to rollout.  5g requires so many more towers/access points, which means physically going and doing things, that it’s going to be a while before it means anything to anyone.
    Industry thinking is the exact opposite. That 5G will roll out faster than any previous generation (government issues permitting).

    Agree with the fast roll out, but this is the wrong modem and wrong type of 5G.  the X50 modem(from my understanding) only allows for the millimeter wavelength 5G bands.  This gives you the massive speeds, at the cost of terrible range(I think max of 200 yards).  The X55 modem I believe supports other bands, and will allow for much greater range(at the cost of some of the speed) and allows for building penetration.  I personally wouldn't buy a device until at least the X55 that comes out later this year, which supports both mm wavelength and the sub 6ghz bands, so you can get wider coverage and the ridiculous speeds in certain areas.  Basically, the currently available modem does support all 5G, and is already outdated.

    Edit:  So, looking at Qualcomm's website, the X50 does support sub 6 bands, but not completely.  Its has half the supported standards of the X55, doesn't allow 5G/4G spectrum sharing and doesn't integrate the LTE modem.  IE, the X50 looks like a half baked product per Qualcomms own website(comparison towards the bottom)

  • Editorial: Why Apple's first port of the new TV app isn't to Android, but to Samsung's ant...

     Yes there is a nexus of Tizen UI and Netflix's app. The combination is pretty awful. Apple's UI can also be criticized, and sometimes it does glaringly irritating things. But there was actual thought put into tvOS and its HIG, and apps generally make sense, even if one can imagine ways that they can be better. Tizen's TV UI looks like Microsoft's Windows 98 designers were rushed into the future and set loose on a TV project. It's just bad IMO. And it seems to go out of the way to invent bad ideas, rather than just being simplistic.    

    You realize you just keep shifting the goalpost on your argument.  Your original statement that I took issue with was that Tizen was "inscrutable".  I don't believe that pushing a single button, scrolling horizontally to an app, then pushing a button again is "impossible to understand or interpret".  This is why I said you were engaging in hyperbole.  The bottom line is its a simple interface.  You get a lot of baggage that comes with Samsung, but the UI itself is intuitive. 

    Since you shifted the argument to how difficult Netflix is in Tizen, it has essentially the same interface in AppleTV.  You scroll down through categories, the overall menu/search is hidden.  Bad app design does not make a bad UI. One of the worst things in the AppleTV app ecosystem right now is the different behaviors between apps.  In YouTube(both the regular and TV app) advancing by 10 seconds requires a tap on the edges(which I prefer).  Other Apps(Netflix/Amazon Prime) require a press(touchpad click) on the edges.  This isn't bad UI design, this is inconsistent implementations by the individual apps.