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  • Editorial: Bloomberg spins Apple's Event as a desperate, blind stab for cheap iPads in edu...

    Google makes money on the Chrome License fee for the Management console. Basically, it allow you to "push" chrome apps (and Android apps) from a Chromebook enrolled in a Google Domain. It's $30 for a chromebook.

    They flooded Education with huge deals on the iPad 2, which schools were buying up (and Apple was selling) until like the first part of 2016? Then they announced Apple School Manager, which of course ONLY supports newer iPads. I brought this up at an Apple Event AT APPLE, and they were like "well, it needs blue tooth low power and its too slow when syncing profiles" or some such shit. So schools aren't going to buy NEW iPads to replace functioning iPads just to get this school manager. 

    With Chromebooks, you get what you get. It's basic web apps, Google Docs, Sheets, etc. Works fine. The current HP and Acer chromebooks have good 2 in 1 designs, and they fold back so you can use it like a tablet, and it works really well for a $300 device. Plus these are Gorilla Glass and are nearly impossible to break. My district has thousands of these deployed and the only failures I've seen are Dell's crappy quality control on their products.

    And then there is the mess of Apple and it's enterprise support. Managing Apple devices large scale is terrible compared to Google or Windows devices.

    I'd love to see an iPad with pencil support that has Gorilla glass and is made for Education. It has to be $300. And it needs to be in a durable case, like the one version of the iPhone that came in colors. Apple needs to make an Edu iPad that comes with like a rubberized case that can survive falls from 5 feet.