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  • Apple's new iPhone MagSafe wallet adds Find My support

    Just logs the location when it was detached, but does not act as an active AirTag. It also seems to be a new feature of iOS15 and supported on iPhone 12:
     "It now supports Find My, so you can be notified of your wallet’s last known location if it gets separated from your phone**
    **Requires iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe and iPhone 12 or later with Find My enabled in iOS 15. Not supported on Clear Case with MagSafe."
  • TSMC raising prices, iPhone pricing may get hit through 'iPhone 14'

    Many factors:
    • Raw material and their scarcity have driven semiconductor prices up. 
    • Covid-19 related expenses (more masks, hand sanitizer, more cleaning, divisors, better filters, greater health insurance costs, etc). 
    • Higher gas prices have led to higher shipping costs. Many semiconductors are manufactured in one place (Taiwan, US, Korea, Japan, China, Germany, France, Italy, etc.), but assembled (placed into a package) and tested in another country (Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, etc.)
    • Labor costs have gone up as well since low unemployment leads to increases in pay to keep current workers or might need to pay more in high risk Covid-19 areas where the workers are exposed to greater risk.
  • Apple TV app launches on Nvidia Shield with 4K, Dolby Atmos support

    Apple hasn't brought iMessage to Android, apparently from fear that some users will leave the Apple ecosystem. But Apple is bringing the Apple TV app to other platforms. I wonder why this inconsistency exists.
    Maybe because Apple does not make a TV. They are trying to sell the Apple TV+ service and not require Apple TV hardware. iMessage is not a service you subscribe, so it's not something they are trying to promote.
  • AirPods Pro could act as hearing aids for those with minimal hearing loss, study claims

    It is about time! The hearing aid market needs a shakeup. It is pitiful what they offer and extremely expensive. 

    Many in the semiconductor industry have been trying to offer better solutions, but this market is very controlled by large players without little incentive to innovate and controlled through a group of audiologists.

    With the sensors in the AirPods, beamforming solutions could be develop to improve hearing by pointing the beam in the direction the person is looking. In fact, one company Noopl ( has developed one system. Unfortunately, they acoustically couple the audio instead of direct digital connection. But it is the first with this solution.
  • UK's NHS coronavirus tracing app prevented thousands of deaths, study claims

    r002092 said:

    Also… the virus was suppressed outside our doors because we were huddled inside our homes… granted effective test and trace from the outset MAY have prevented that but we actually have no way of knowing that for sure, since the only thing that has really been shown to suppress the spread in any country has included an element of mass isolation
    If we actually had done that we would not be dealing with this virus a year later. But that was impossible, people need to get food and groceries, many had to work, many had to care for those that got sick and family members that could care for themselves, many still disobeyed the rules and went out to rallies, parties, and spring breaks, and so on. If all the people that went out actually wore masks and kept social distance, then this virus would have been wiped out in a few weeks. Sadly, many did not believe the virus, much less wearing masks and compromised the rest.

    Moreover, if the virus did not spread by asymptomatic carriers, it would be easy to spot who was contagious and keep distant while in public. Contact tracing is to identify those that really need to isolate and follow the rules because someone next to them was asymptomatic, did not wear a mask properly, or kept socially distant and could have potentially transmitted it to the user.