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  • As Apple's HomePod reaches multi-million unit sales, is a cheaper version necessary to com...

    supadav03 said:
    While I don’t think a cheaper version is neccasry to compete, I’d still love a Dot/Mini style version. Right now I have a patch work of Echo Dots & HomeKit devices. Too expensive to put a HomePod in every room of my house but there’s plenty of instances where there is no other Apple device around so I have to resort to asking Alexa...bleh 
    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but if you want that kind of every-room siri capability, why not just buy an apple watch (even non-cellular) and have it with you literally everywhere in your home, and many other places too?  It would be cheaper than buying a single homepod plus any other devices.

    [edit] Just to be clear, I own and love my HomePod, and have had every Apple Watch.  While I find siri a godsend via CarPlay while driving, I don't use siri for much else.  I've tested it on a range of things, and I'm actually surprised at how well it performs all manner of things, I just don't find a need very often.  But I totally get that for some people, having siri everywhere would be of great benefit, and it seems like if that's the goal, an Apple Watch is the easy answer.  HomePod is awesome for music, podcast, and now calls/messages.  It's good for many siri queries too, it just seems like an inefficient way to have 'siri everywhere', if that's your primary goal.
  • FTC examines claims of Amazon using inflated list prices before signing off on Whole Foods...

    I think there's some confusion here. This is NOT simply a case of Amazon stating $50 MSRP, Amazon price $25, "you save $25!". I have personally noticed on many occassions where the price Amazon is basing the discount off of is actually HIGHER than the MSRP, not to mention higher than any other place has ever sold the item. So, hypothetical example, Amazon sells something for $50, says discounted 66% from $83.33, but the actual MSRP is only $75, and every other online store you can find the item in is selling for $50 or less. This isn't done across the board by any means, but I've noticed it many times of many years, and often point out how absurd it is to my wife, or coworkers. And to be clear, I use Amazon a lot, been a prime member for MANY years, but there's some really shady sh!t going on with their pricing. I'm surprised how few people know how frequently pricing changes, and differs between different shoppers, regions, etc. And I'm not talking about the pricing from the various different sellers, I mean Sold and Shipped by Amazon items. Put about 50 different "Sold by Amazon" items in your cart/save for later. Then go to the cart every day for a week or two, and it notifies you at the top of all the price increases and decreases. Prices definitely go up a lot more leading into Prime Day, etc. Pricing will also vary for me vs my wife, at the same time, on the same item, both sold directly by amazon. They have all sorts of data on their customers, and are constantly playing with algorithms to test people's price elasticity, impulsiveness at different times of day/night, etc.
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  • Samsung retail outlet in Singapore catches fire ahead of Galaxy S8 launch

    Samsung Retail Chief: We need our stores to be just like the Apple Stores, only HOTTER!
  • How to fix a sticky Digital Crown on your Apple Watch

    I wore my Apple Watch Sport (original) in the shower literally every single day for more than a year, and never had the slightest problem. I'd slip it off, wash it with a little soap, rinse it under a very strong shower head, and put it back on. I wore it to the beach on multiple occasions, went in the ocean, etc. Likewise with my Series 2 Sport. I've never had the crown or any button stick, and I've never had any problems. Incredible build quality. It's just kinda sad that Apple under-promised on that aspect. I'm shocked how many people just assume they can't even get them near water.
  • Apple launches new 12" MacBooks with Intel Skylake CPUs, rose gold color & longer battery life

    cropr said:
    Not sure why some of you are bitching about the price and components of this refresh. This laptop is such a great piece of technology. Use one before you judge. I am not crazy about the camera either but if this is that important to your daily life I would think you would use a USB version anyway. There is not a laptop on the market that is as nice as this when you look at every aspect.
    The Dell XPS 13 is just better in almost every aspect and is cheaper
    That's'd think if it were actually better in almost every aspect it would be well reviewed...and yet it's only got 3 stars on Dell's own site.  It's almost like it seems good on paper, but falls apart in actual execution, and all the little details that Apple gets right.  (In other words, spec-whores will _never_ understand Apple)

    And upon a little more investigation, your comment is just patently false.  The closest XPS 13 with 256GB SSD and retina-class display is the "developer edition" for $1650.  If you're willing to do without a high-res display, then you could get the lower model for $1100.  Of course both of those come with Ubuntu.  While I'm a huge fan of Linux, it is not going to fly with the vast majority of users as a desktop.  Oh, and they're also bulkier, and weigh 35% more than the MacBook.  Ultimately, these kinds of comparisons are somewhat pointless...there's never an exact matchup to allow a value assesment.  But if you take a step back and think "For most end-users looking for a small/highly portable laptop, what are the key needs/wants?"  Well, it's size/weight, screen quality, storage, and build quality (probably in that order).  Apple clearly understands and nails this.  Dell tends to bait and switch in terms of "starting at only $xxx" but then when you spec up to anything worthwhile, it's at least as expensive, and lacks all the refinement.  You end up with a bigger, clunkier, heavier, and grossly non-optimized system.  Sure it's got a much more powerful CPU, but that's not a benefit for the vast majority of users, and in fact it's a hidden liability, as it sucks more power...and the Dell has a small battery.  Ultimately, I think the "dell is better AND cheaper" guys must be really young and have missed the past 15 years of Apple and the market clearly disproving this.  Apple products are supremely well optimized to what consumer needs _ACTUALY_ are, regardless of perceptions.  Of course they won't hit the perfect sweet spot for every user, but that's simply not possible.