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  • iPhone 15 overheat complaints are inconsistent, and it's unclear what's going on

    My iPhone 15 PRO MAX is hotter to the touch than my iPhone 12 PRO MAX while it is charging lying on a flat surface.

    When I get it off the surface and after about 5 minutes in my hand, it starts to cool back down.

    My phone just finally finished syncing with all my photos and files that I have saved via backup of my old phone. Just have to wait and see if that was what was causing it, constantly working in the background restoring.
  • Apple resurrects full-size HomePod with updated acoustics

    Too late. I bought Sonos SLs for Christmas when they went on sale for $329 a pair. Super happy with them with no microphones on the speakers.
  • Apple AR headset could cost consumers over $2,000

    At that price point, it better be mining BitCoins when I’m not wearing it.
    It has the processing power.
  • Apple doing 'outreach' to address weak LTE for some iPhone XS & XS Max owners

    So, I have the new iPhone XS Max that I took delivery on the first day it was available and had connectivity issues for about a week. Called Verizon twice and they claimed that it wasn’t their problem. There is a fix so read on.

    I noticed the problem whenever I leave the area of my WiFi connections either from home or at work. So, I’d leave my home and drive away, my WiFi drops and LTE doesn’t pick up. I would have no data connection but had voice service. I was able to place a call to Verizon from now iPhone and ended up resetting my network connection only on my iPhone (Reset Network Settings). That work around worked until next day.

    Next day leaving work, I had the same issue. Worked fine all day on WiFi, get into my car and no data but had voice only like the day before. Drove through an area and I saw LTE go away and when the iPhone picked up 3G, I had data again, albeit slower connection.

    Next day, leaving home, same issue; called Verizon and they told me it wasn’t their end. I then reset the iPhone by Resetting the Network Setting and that resolved the issue. I was prepared to reset the network 2 to 3 times a day until I could go to Apple Store and all of sudden, the issue went away on its own. So, fix for me ended up being 2 maybe 3 network only resets.