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  • Apple Watch Series 3 teardown finds slightly bigger battery, few other changes beyond LTE

    netmage said:
    Disappointed the steel/sapphire series only comes with cellular. 
    Yet doesn’t require that you actually put it on a plan. 

  • Executive leading HealthKit, other software platforms leaves Apple

    sog35 said:
    spice-boy said:
    sog35 said:
    Do I blame her? 

    HELL NO.

    why? Because of Tim Cook's dumb ass  privacy crusade she has one hand tied behind her back.

    How the hell can she do here job if Cook refuses to use the data from hundreds of millions of Apple users?

    Tim Cook needs to resign. His dumb ass social, policital, and privacy crusades are hurting the company.

    Apple has 500 million of the most valuable customers on the planet. Yet Cook refuses to use the data from these customers to open more revenue streams.

    Cook preaches privacy, yet Google is still the default search on iOS.
    Cook preaches privacy, yet 80-90% of iOS users use Facebook or Google or both.

    Its beyond pathetic that Apple's competitors attack Apple's main revenue streams by bringing out hardware products.
    Yet Apple refuses to fight back with their own search, social, and AI platforms. 

    If Cook had half a brain Apple would have developed and released a Google search competitor by now. Or a Facebook competitor. But because of Cooks dumb ass privacy crusade we see neither. And Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft, ect continue to make inroads into Apple's hardware business.

    The day Apple uses my data for their profit is the day I quit using Apple products. If you want a major corporation to use your data please switch over to anything Google or Facebook. 
    And yet 80-90% of iOS users use Facebook or Google or both.

    Close to 99% use Facebook or Google or Amazon or Netflix. All of these companies use your data.

    No one cares. Especially not the majority of Apple customers.

    The only one who cares is Tim Cook. 

    Your rants and drivel continue to get more and more outlandish. This really shouldn't need to be said but you are either to daft to understand or choose to look like a moron. The issue of privacy does not change for Apple at the end of the day if a user uses Facebook or Gooole that is ultimately the end users choice but should not be used as a product direction for the product as a whole. Just because a group of people don't value something as much as they should does not mean that it should be thrown out completely. 
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  • Apple's health hires geared towards sharing, interpreting data, including new Watch apps

    TomE said:
    It is like the new Coke machines - they slow down the dispensing of the product.  3-4 clicks to select a Raspberry Coke.  Once I got used to it, Coke marketing (idiots) changed the programing of the machine.  Not an Improvement Coke - Read this Apple - Keep it simple.  Make it work fast.
    I am not a doctor but your familiarity with a concentrated sugar dispenser should really be a concern if you are so worried about your health. 
  • Early demo of Siri third-party app integration finds feature useful, vital to system's evolution

    Security Concern
    Siri can be provoked from lock screen. So will the third party Siri API allow verbal commands to be executed without first unlocking the device?

    Problematic Example
    Criminal picks up an unattended iPhone and prompts Siri to send X amount of money from Square Cash to X account.

    I imagine authentication is required but, as of now, I have no confirmation of the matter.

    Your thoughts?

    Siri also has a switch in your passcode settings to set if it can be accessed while the device is locked. 
  • Apple launches new 12" MacBooks with Intel Skylake CPUs, rose gold color & longer battery life

    wizard69 said:
    Not sure why some of you are bitching about the price and components of this refresh. This laptop is such a great piece of technology. Use one before you judge. I am not crazy about the camera either but if this is that important to your daily life I would think you would use a USB version anyway. There is not a laptop on the market that is as nice as this when you look at every aspect.
    Don't let Apples reality distortion field cloud your judgement. For instance how would you use a USB camera with this machine when you have something(anything really) plugged into the one (1) USB-C port on the machine. If you say make use of a hub you blow your credibility out of the water as that undermines the whole point of a compact laptop.
    I would use the built in wifi on my camera to upload the photos. \

    Just because someone creates heavily constructed scenarios for the sole purpose of to prove their very short sighted and narrow version of how a product (which they probably don't & more importantly won't own) should operate does not mean it is going to have any effect on the mass majority of people that the product is right for. I have never once needed to worry about more then a single USB plug when I am traveling nor have I heard of anyone that has one complain about it. When I am at home I have a dock which has connectivity for my external hard drives, monitor, iPhone/iPad/mouse/keyboard chargers and anything else I could realistically ever need to plug into the computer. When I am at work I have the same thing. When I am using my aptop out in the world I usually don't even need to bring the charging cable with me but I absolutely don't need to bring dongles or hubs in my very small laptop case.