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  • How gaming on the Mac is getting better with macOS Ventura

    No Man's Sky is neither a AAA title nor was it a hit. All the major retailers were giving refunds to people who purchased the game shortly after release. The game has since been improved with numerous updates, but I highly doubt many people are excited to play the game on a Mac. 
  • Google Maps, Apple Maps, and smartphones are at the forefront of modern war

    tmay said:
    tmay said:
    There's a war going on as we speak, Ukraine's independence stands in the balance, and the Russians have lied about everything leading up to this.

    Fuck them, Ukraine has a chance of survival, and we'll survive.

    You can see the fault lines in Russia opening up, and Russia is on the verge of collapse, all because of Putin.
    Don't mix reality with fantasies. An extreme optimism is not helpful in reality.
    So, you don't follow what is happening in Russia. I do, and Russia, is very weak right now, but in 10 days or so, Russia's forces will be depleted, lacking fuel, ammunition, and rations, and unable to continue advancing on Ukraine cities and military positions. 

    Well, that and the fact that Ukraine is getting an influx of Anti-Tank Guided missiles and Anti-Air defense systems. Do you need details?

    Germany just approved shipping 1000 Javelin ATGM and 500 Stinger missiles, on top of what is coming in from Neighboring NATO countries. 

    Need pictures of how effective they are? I'll leave you to search for those.
    I'm optimistic, but how long can Ukraine really keep this up for? Do you really believe Ukraine can hold onto Kyiv for the next 10 days or so? The thing I worry about is if this continues, Putin is going to start using bigger bombs (thermobaric rockets) to attack Ukrainian cities. I find it astonishing Russia still doesn't have air supierority over Ukraine yet. I do wonder how all this equipment will get to Ukraine. Will it be coming through Poland into Ukraine?  
  • Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard in $68.7B gaming deal

    red oak said:
    This screams anti-trust if they have any intention of making Call of Duty exclusive to Xbox and PC.    Half of company’s revenue is generated on PlayStation and mobile.I don’t see the point in Microsoft buying it.

    Microsoft has a horrible M&A record.  It is where company’s go to die 
    I would be shocked if Microsoft made Call of Duty an exclusive title. Sure they would gain more Game Pass users and sell more Xbox consoles, but those gains wouldn't outweigh the loss of millions of Playstation COD players. Call of Duty is a money making machine. In my opinion, Microsoft will go the route they did when they bought Mojang Studios (Minecraft). They never made Minecraft an exclusive title. I don't think anything will change with COD Warzone, but I can see timed exclusives like maps on the yearly COD release.
  • LG smart TVs gain Apple Music app

    linkman said:
    Hopefully most of the people using Apple Music on a TV will listen to this through a sound bar at a minimum. Today's nice svelte TVs have had to make one serious compromise to obtain that thinness: audio quality.
    You can say that again. I recently purchased an LG with built in Dolby Atmos surround sound. The speakers still sounded awful. 
  • Tom Hanks film 'Finch' sets Apple TV+ film premiere record

    It baffles me how this film got the green light. The plot is pretty nonexistent. I usually enjoy watching films with Tom Hanks, but this wasn't one of them. I am looking forward to Masters of the Air however. Hopefully that mini series releases sometime next year.