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  • Hackers using cop emails to steal user data from Apple, Google & others

    Digital signature, as in, PGP signed?
    Doesn’t Apple already do that for iCloud to iCloud communication?

    That’s such a simple answer I don’t understand why it’s not already the norm. 
  • Apple Silicon Mac Pro could combine two M1 Ultra chips for speed

    The advantage of stopping at two dies is that there is no “two-hops destination” like you would get with a four dies configuration. 

    Sorry for the crappy drawing, that is meant to show four interconnected dies (ic = interconnect, mc = memory controller)
  • Everything we know about the redesigned MacBook Air with M2 processor

    I'm really looking forward to this revision. The thing that I most hope, and that isn't always mentioned as a definite for this release, is a focus on weight. I still have my 12" Macbook, which is my favourite form factor Mac laptop I've ever had. I find the m3 limiting on occasions but have held off repeatedly buying an Air because even the small weight increase is noticeable if you're lugging it around everywhere - about an additional 25%. If they could keep it at 1kg or below but with all the rest I will be buying. Also, I'd never been much troubled by the butterfly keyboard issues in my first 12" Macbook but my current machine has just comeback from having its 3rd keyboard replacement. I will look forward to seeing the back of that.
    Agreed, love, love, love the original MacBook form factor, hoping to see a bit of a resurrection with the next Air, taking elements from that design. They definitely could, given the first MBA with ASi didn't change the form factor (meaning they put it in a chassis that previously held a fan), an update could make it more diminutive like the original MacBook?
    The display of the 12” is between 13” and 13 1/2” without the borders (I measured). A M2 MacBook with a 13.3” screen would be larger than that, but hopefully not by much. The weight should be higher too. 

    I certainly wish it’ll be closer to the 12” MacBook than the current M1 13” MacBook Air. 
  • New MacBook Air predicted to have 'marginally faster' Apple Silicon M2 processor

    What is the predicted screen size?

    @AppleInsider: you left an editorial link in the article ("October 2021")
  • German government wants Tim Cook to reconsider CSAM plans

    Client-side CSAM detection is incontrovertibly better for privacy than server-side CSAM detection.

    I am happy of the change, it means Apple doesn't need to see the contents of my pictures to thwart child abuse.

    The Messages update may be more nefarious, don't want to notify authorities about what images I receive.