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  • Review: 27-Inch iMac 5K with i5 processor - 2012 on the outside, 2019 on the inside

    "Considering the mass-market appeal, we get Apple's choice but don't love it. This was ok in 2017, but in 2019 it should really be all USB-C and Thunderbolt 3. We've said it before, ripping off the USB-A band-aid is the only way to go, here"

    Couldn't agree more. Next year, when my 2017 model comes off AppleCare, I hope there's a 27-inch (or larger!) iMac with at least four USB-C ports. I know the current configuration helps to differentiate the iMac Pro from the run-of-the-mill (*cough*) 27-inch iMac, but I'm already wishing I had more -C ports. At least my Thunderbolt 2 external enclosure is daisy-chainable.
  • Feds bust $900,000 iPhone repair & return scam in Oregon

    Why do I suspect that some part of the narrative is missing, for example that the perpetrators were working with pals in China who were sending them screens and phone backs from recycling plants to use in making IPhonr-Alice’s that could pass muster with Geniuses? Or that actual counterfeits were manufactured using tools and dies used in earlier production runs at Foxconn?
  • New FAA rules banning fully charged lithium-ion batteries as cargo won't stop you from usi...

    benji888 said:
    “Your new Apple Watch setup and ready to use! We hope you like it. Your battery is now at 10%. Slide to enable power reserve.”
    when you purchase an apple device online, it is shipped via cargo only airplanes (fed ex, ups, etc.), for which this new rule does not apply, (or shipped via ground transportation).
    "In cases where it is being transported in a cargo-only aircraft, lithium-ion cells and batteries are to only be charged to a maximum of 30 percent of its capacity. "
  • Amazon's eero buy is the clearest sign yet that Apple should revive the AirPort

    As I believe I speculated here before, Apple may view WiFi access points and mesh systems as products with limited lifetimes, simply because of the adoption of 5G over the next few years. Why have additional infrastructure in the house if devices in the home connect directly over 5G or to a single 5G access point?
  • iPhone replacement cycles slowing down to four years, pose threat to services, analyst say...

    With Macs, I've consistently bought new, with AppleCare, every three years so I'm covered (I hope) if something goes wrong. With iPhones, the two-year coverage under AppleCare+ appears designed to drive more frequent replacement than I find any reason for. My first iPhone was the CDMA version of the 4 (my family had a Verizon family plan, so I was waiting for an iPhone that would work on their network.... after the initial Apple exclusive deal with AT&T ran out) that I didn't replace until the iPhone 6 came out, about three and a half years later. Four years after that, I bought an XS. Since I retired recently, I don't suspect I'll be decreasing the intervals at which I buy pricey phones. Somehow, I think Apple has very good data on when people replace their phones and is planning accordingly. I thought at the time the X was released that the price was a reaction to lengthening replacement cycles. But I, too, increased my purchases of services during the years when I wasn't buying iPhones.