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  • Fitbit's new financial worries are just its latest in a long line

    I've been using Fitbits for years and on the whole I'm fine with their offerings, the lack of a tru Apple Health sync is somewhat annoying. However, the glaring issue which has been with their gear now for 18 months or more is the fact that you can only have one FitbitWatchOS device on an account at a time.

    Previously, I had a Fitbit One, Charge 2 and an Ionic on my account for different use-cases. Ionic as a watch during the day. Charge 2 for sleep monitoring, and the One for gardening.

    The Charge 2's sensors failed and so I replaced it with the Charge 3, only to discover that what seems to be an upgrade of a Fitbit Health Monitor was actually now running FitbitWatchOS and you cannot have it and the Ionic on the account. No literature mentioned this... TO THIS VERY DAY THEY DON'T MENTION IT!

    If you cannot support your existing customer base who are happy to own multiples of your devices! Or be opening honest with the marketplace! What hope have you got attaching and keeping new customers?

    I've gone from recommending their offerings when people asked to suggesting the look at the Apple Watch or other players because I don't believe their motivation is aligned with their market anymore.
  • Flaw in Zoom's Mac client allows websites to turn on user cameras without permission

    dysamoria said:
    I hate software that installs always-on anything.
    Worst still are those that don't clean up after themselves when they get removed and leave the door wide open.
  • 2019 iPod touch: Everything you need to know

    grifmx said:
    Well, in my case I have split my usage across three devices:

    1. iPhone => Calls, Email, Calendaring primarily focussed on Work with "out and about" ancillary applications like Banking etc.
    2. iPad => Work Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets (View and Edit) along with Email. News, Magazines, Books for reading and Video. With some ancillary applications like Games, Social Media etc.
    3. iPod Touch => Audio Services. iTunes Library and Podcasts.

    This division has been working well for some time and I know at some point 1 & 3 might end up merging but right now I like keeping them seperate. 

    I also travel a lot for work so it's nice to have my full music library with me when I'm away for months at a time and for it to be in a nice small form factor which I can easily deal with. It's also nice to know I can listen to music or watch videos until the battery is flat and still have a phone with a full charge.

    So, the update for me is a storage update (and the battery is starting to fail on the old one) which will allow me to reinstate some artists which I had had to pull for storage limitations. I'd love to see a 512GB or higher version but it is what it is.
  • Apple says Spotify 'wants all the benefits of a free app without being free'

    So, Spotify has evidence that Apple doesn’t perform an inter-department transfer @ 30% for it’s own apps? I know that the company I work for uses inter-department transfers for this sort of thing and that each department operates much like a business within the business. For example, Factilites charged the department I work in each month for providing a desk, chair and other items to do my job. Most of the reason I now work from home, but I digress.
  • Australia passes contentious encryption bill opposed by Apple, other tech companies

    macguy85 said:
    loopless said:
    The current conservative government in Australia is self-destructing just like the Republicans in the US, hopefully the next government will change this stupid law. 
    And don't knock Australia's democracy, it is a far more democratic country that the US. No gerrymandering, no dis-enfranchisment of minorities, and a far greater percentage of eligible voters actually get out and vote (on a weekend!) And far, far fewer guns. Oh, and universal healthcare. But I digress...
    You obviously do not understand Australia Law.  Australian, by law, have to vote.  If they do not show up at the polls they receive a fine from the government.  That's why it's held on a weekend.  In fact, it unfortunately throws of their economy within the country leading up to an election because Australians will typically not travel at that time so they can vote without a fine.

    Australia is a fantastic country, but to think they don't have their own issues is a gross assumption.
    Strange, elections have never once impacted my travel plans. Apart from pre-polling there is also postal voting where you can register and they will send your forms anywhere in the world for you to vote and then send back.

    Of course you have to find a suitable representative to watch you vote which is harder than it sounds, but then if all else fails they allow you to submit a letter stating you have made best endeavours to locate a person but couldn’t. 

    I did this for the last by-election and have not heard from anybody that I have been found in breech.