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  • Google's Fitbit recalls 1.7 million Ionic smartwatches over burn hazard

    Well, that's a bit depressing.. I've had my Ionic for 4 years now and while he's never been the most full-featured Smart Watch around, I loved the boxy, 1980's B-grade sci-fi movie appearance. 

    I even found it charming that although I purchased the Charcoal model, Fitbit managed to mismatch the buttons so one of them ended up being from the Silver Model...

    Oh well, I guess it's time to seriously look at my options...
  • New macOS 10.15.7 supplemental update fixes exploitable security flaws

    My old iMac sat with the Apple Logo Progress Bar 1cm complete for about 30 minutes before continuing.

    But, now it looks to have installed without an issue.
  • Analysts worry about UK 5G support in 'iPhone 12'

    Maybe it’s just me, but why not wait until the phones are announced to review and be worried about the support or lack thereof. 
  • Apple One will manage users with multiple Apple IDs, but questions remain

    flydog said:
    Beats said:
    Use ONE account guys! Why do you make it so hard on yourselves?
    You think people are doing this voluntarily?  This mess was created by Apple when it required people to have separate accounts for .Mac and iTunes, then decided to merge those services into iCloud without providing people a way to merge the purchases under each account. 
    As someone who has been voluntarily keeping my content purchases seperate from my email, calendar etc, this wasn’t to make things hard. It was to allow me to secure the two aspects of my Apple interactions with seperate security settings. Thus, if one gets compromised with any luck the second will remain untouched.

    It also meant I could add my Calendar and Contacts to my work machine where the policy is that the company controls what software is installed and how it is licensed.  

    For a long time this was made even better by the fact the email and account ID did not need to match so my ID for one account was a long defunct email address making breaking that account that much more difficult. 

    Now, I’m the first to admit I might be overdoing it, but when I look at the issues my friends and family have had it’s been a breeze in comparison. 
  • Fitbit's new financial worries are just its latest in a long line

    I've been using Fitbits for years and on the whole I'm fine with their offerings, the lack of a tru Apple Health sync is somewhat annoying. However, the glaring issue which has been with their gear now for 18 months or more is the fact that you can only have one FitbitWatchOS device on an account at a time.

    Previously, I had a Fitbit One, Charge 2 and an Ionic on my account for different use-cases. Ionic as a watch during the day. Charge 2 for sleep monitoring, and the One for gardening.

    The Charge 2's sensors failed and so I replaced it with the Charge 3, only to discover that what seems to be an upgrade of a Fitbit Health Monitor was actually now running FitbitWatchOS and you cannot have it and the Ionic on the account. No literature mentioned this... TO THIS VERY DAY THEY DON'T MENTION IT!

    If you cannot support your existing customer base who are happy to own multiples of your devices! Or be opening honest with the marketplace! What hope have you got attaching and keeping new customers?

    I've gone from recommending their offerings when people asked to suggesting the look at the Apple Watch or other players because I don't believe their motivation is aligned with their market anymore.