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  • Apple says Spotify 'wants all the benefits of a free app without being free'

    So, Spotify has evidence that Apple doesn’t perform an inter-department transfer @ 30% for it’s own apps? I know that the company I work for uses inter-department transfers for this sort of thing and that each department operates much like a business within the business. For example, Factilites charged the department I work in each month for providing a desk, chair and other items to do my job. Most of the reason I now work from home, but I digress.
  • Australia passes contentious encryption bill opposed by Apple, other tech companies

    macguy85 said:
    loopless said:
    The current conservative government in Australia is self-destructing just like the Republicans in the US, hopefully the next government will change this stupid law. 
    And don't knock Australia's democracy, it is a far more democratic country that the US. No gerrymandering, no dis-enfranchisment of minorities, and a far greater percentage of eligible voters actually get out and vote (on a weekend!) And far, far fewer guns. Oh, and universal healthcare. But I digress...
    You obviously do not understand Australia Law.  Australian, by law, have to vote.  If they do not show up at the polls they receive a fine from the government.  That's why it's held on a weekend.  In fact, it unfortunately throws of their economy within the country leading up to an election because Australians will typically not travel at that time so they can vote without a fine.

    Australia is a fantastic country, but to think they don't have their own issues is a gross assumption.
    Strange, elections have never once impacted my travel plans. Apart from pre-polling there is also postal voting where you can register and they will send your forms anywhere in the world for you to vote and then send back.

    Of course you have to find a suitable representative to watch you vote which is harder than it sounds, but then if all else fails they allow you to submit a letter stating you have made best endeavours to locate a person but couldn’t. 

    I did this for the last by-election and have not heard from anybody that I have been found in breech.
  • Apple's failed Ping showed how hard it is to create a music service

    I don’t know, I actually liked Ping. It did all I was actually after. It allowed me to follow artists I was interested in and get updates on what they were up to so I knew about new albums, concerts etc. The “social” aspect with friends was never of any interest to me, which is also why I have not done the same with Facebook and don’t use Twitter etc.
  • 'Love Notes to Newton' is documentary about the before-its-time '90s Apple product

    I wanted a Newton for a long time and managed to buy an OMP second-hand not long after the Newton was discontinued. I played with it for 2 weeks before buying a MessagePad 2000 second-hand. I used it continually through to 2010 making it the longest lasting device I’ve ever had.

    When I first got it I was at University and used it for notes ands assignments and even taught the hand-writing engine the C language so I could hand-write my code. I featured it in my final year project designing a rocket-bootstrapping module as the future direction the research and development should be heading so the whole system would be more portable.

    I continued to use it during my working-career, even after a manager had instructed me to stop using it because it was embarrassing to have an employee using it in front of clients. It served me well as a Calendar, Contacts and Notes machine for that period right through to 2010 when it was finally replaced with a iPhone 3GS.

    To this day, my MessagePad 2000 still sits on the shelf above my desk in my home office and I was a regular lurker on the NewtonTalk mailing list until sometime after I had switched to iOS and they had a system issue and lost my membership. 

    I wish the Einstein Project had succeeded in delivering the Newton OS to modern hardware as I still to this day miss using it, the iOS has never quite captured the feeling I had using the Newton. However, the fading backlight and grey-scale screen made it more and more difficult to read the screen.

    I continue to search out different apps to provide suitable hand-writing recognition to the iPad, and think we are getting pretty close to hacking the ability to write notes with decent recognition again.

    I won’t end up being the guy who gets buried with his Newton but I’m probably never going to get rid of it either.
  • Everything new in Apple's 2018 MacBook Pro

    herodotus said:
    Sad. Most people who buy laptops for business and general use buy 15” laptops and now Apple has made them unaffordable and added capabilities most users don’t need or want while removing feature like hdmi, MagSafe, functions keys (touch bar is stupid) and USB-a that people need and they still have the worst most unreliable keyboard in the industry. Customers want a 15”laptop, 4 core, Intel only gpus. Now apple does not have an affordable 15” laptop. I am buying an dell XPS and running win10 and unbuntu. Apple just lost a customer. John ivy and tim should be fired for ruining the MacBook family. Apple is brain dead stupid. Steve jobs is crying in his grave,
    Strange. I must be looking at a different Apple Website.

    For the same price I paid for a 2017 15" MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD, I can now buy a 2018 15" MacBook Pro with 32GB RAM and 2TB SSD. 

    Not sure how it became more unaffordable with the 2018 release. 
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