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  • Apple drops new 'Alejandro' ad highlighting Depth Control feature

    Can we decide not to say 'drop' for releasing something? I think dropping is removing something that was there before. Like, eh, losing. I had to read the title a few times for it to make sense.
  • Rumor: Apple developing seventh-generation iPod touch, mulling USB-C for next iPhone

    I can't say much (negative) about the robustness of the lightning port, but lightning cables? Oh no. I had my fair share of trouble. Especially in humid environments the gold contacts just disappear, and no lightning cable, although optically in best condition except the plug, lasted longer than 2 years I would think. I had one notable exception which I use since 2014 or so, an aftermarket, very short (6") lightning cable that is used very rarely and still works although it starts failing in one orientation. 

    Third party (I guess some unlicensed) would stop working faster than original ones. I remember also going to the HK IFC Mall Apple Store with my collection of "burnt contact" lightning cables and they would just hand out replacements after verifying those were originals -with no other questions asked. (they replaced with unpackaged, loose cables). It is a known fact in parts of the world that the lightning plug doesn't age very well.

    Now, the USB-C doesn't have the contacts exposed, so you're not touching it with your fingers and it's not getting damage from other, possibly sharp, objects in your backpack.

    Because the USB-C has the contacts hidden, I see it as far superior. It is sadly bigger, and the presence of a tongue as others have mentioned make it possible for the port itself to be damaged where the lighting port has so far been very resistent to damage.

    I still have had no damage to USB-C cables or ports though and I had lots of damage to lightning cables - in all fairness I use lightning cables longer than USB-C but I did jump on the USB-C MacBook Pro bandwagon from day one - I have some experience. I also have upgrade to USB-C where I can and finally have to say that I was not intending to upgrade to this year's iPhone but if it changes to USB-C that alone would be reason for me.
  • Review: ElevationLab CordDock is unlike any other iPhone dock

    Just have to add that there is a learning curve on how to dock it back with the cable attached but after a while it works every time. Now it would be perfect if the cable would wind itself up inside a (bigger) base stand but that would add bulk to it.

    My only (minor) quirks is that it doesn’t look clean by whipping the cable back to get it out of the way before docking. 

    But I’d easily give it 5/5
  • Review: ElevationLab CordDock is unlike any other iPhone dock

    Actually i bought one based in initial mention on here I’m quite happy with it. So far 2 weeks in
  • Apple to start sales of cellular Apple Watch Series 3 models in Hong Kong, Singapore next ...

    Sucks I’m on 3HK. TIme to change I guess.