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  • Is the new 16-inch MacBook Pro a pro-only machine?

    i've had mine for a couple of weeks now, and its hands down the best laptop i've ever owned.  i'm on the edge of the "want" group, but do just enough software development on it to drift towards "need".  waiting two or three times as long for a compile to run wouldn't be the worst thing the world, but working from home, it just doesn't take me that long to get another cuppa.  the weight doesn't bother me, its no heavier than my two-laptops-ago laptop, and there are usually a couple of hardback books in my go-bag which weigh just as much.  throw in unreal performance, battery life, fans which just never make more than a whisper, a real keyboard and physical escape key again... like i said, best i've ever owned.

    but whatever, that's just my 2cp.  if you feel you need to bash it to justify your existence in this cosmos, you do you.  peace & love, inc.
  • The new MacBook Pro: Why did Apple backtrack on everything?

    > Why did Apple backtrack on everything?
    why?  because there is a god, and she loves us.
    the 2021 MBP is finally back to something i want.  bought two, naturally.

  • How to back up your Mac, and why you should do it now

    online backups can take a long time, depending on how fast your uplink is, and how much of it you allow the backup software to use (backblaze has a setting for this, the default is fairly conservative), and how quickly the online service can ingest and squirrel away your data (you think you have bandwidth problems).  but after that initial backup, incrementals can be quite quick.
  • New TSA rules will require airline travelers to remove Apple iPads, MacBooks from bags

    enjoy the show, everyone.
    tallest skil
  • Chrome 53 will begin phase-out of Adobe Flash, Google says

    the reason flash still exists is because there are many perfectly good uses for it. advertising, abusive advertising, orwellian tracking, spyware, malware, and applications to steal bitcoins from the elderly. to name a few.
    tallest skilwilliamlondon