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  • Editorial: Latest IDC estimate of Q1 2019 iPhone sales 'highly inaccurate' to the point of...

    In a previous job, I had access to both Gartner and IDC paid data as well as quarterly conference calls with their head analysis for the report, and it not very different than what they show publicly.

    They may be trying to influence the markets, but I found they show us obviously bad data, and try to get us to comment on it and tell them or share with them our actually numbers and costs. The conversation were always one way them telling us what they though we never gave them our own data.

    The reports I was looking at was based on actual data the supplier published and they number were usually off and they had all kinds of excuses. Like my supplier came in told me their company sold x units last quarter and analysis would say y units, and I ask why the difference and the usually best answer was the analysis never count channel inventory and WIP, like they know what are those numbers, only units which made it to the end consumer. The numbers got a lot murkier when you try to break it down by business segments and your competitors
  • Apple earns $58B in revenue as services hit all-time high of $11.5B

    melgross said:
    Not bad, considering. Phone sales and computer sales drops are following the industries drops. A nice part is iPad sales rising from $4 billion a year ago to $4.9 billion. I’m curious to know how tablet sales did overall, that’s been declining for everyone, except for under $100 models from china with unknown branding.
    I think what we are begin to see, consumers are spending more on intangible items like services verse items which you can put your hands on and keep and enjoy over time. I see people going out to dinner more, so many place I go are packed and there is a wait and it is more than the trendy places. All the hardware today is good enough, same with cars, other than styling on car there is no must have feature unless you want electric, beyond that cars have topped out on the power curve, there is no must have feature which was not there 3 yrs ago and cars are lasting longer. My daily driver is 12 yrs old 166K miles and it like new runs well and have no issue with it why replace it.

    It all about making people feel good and services is where it is at.
  • Pro photo workflow tool Aperture won't work after macOS Mojave, Apple says

    This whole transition is totally unclear. I did not update to Mojave due to statements made by Apple saying older apps will no long work due to the migration to 64 bit only. I get the warning on some apps in High Sierra saying it was not longer supported and need to contact the developer to get a version that support Mojave. I also ran the utility that Apple has which tells you all the apps you have installed and indicated whether is support 64 bits and there are Apps that I know work but the utility says they should not work. I also check app compatibility websites and people there claim most of these apps work on Mojave. 

    So does Mojave kill all apps which are not 64 bits or is there something else going on. I am just pissed I can no longer sync books between my computer and IOS device when I updated my IOS devices to iOS 12 which said you need Mojave on your computer to make it work. Apple had be kind stuck between a rock and a hard place at this point. Just unclear what will break with the next update. I have a number of older apps and utilities I use and do not wish to spend more money to get subscription based apps.

    I think this is the dirty little secret Apple had with the developer world. They will eventually kill any old apps from work in OSX and if users want to keep up to date they will be force to go to a software subscription model. Quicken did it to me since they disable online access to any financial institutions for the standalone app. You had to go to a subscription base app to maintain online access. They also said the standalone app would no longer work in Mojave so they tied to the two things together.
  • Apple says it removed parental control apps because they posed privacy risk

    gtj333 said:
    Trying being a parent with kids who will use their iPads all day and night. Privacy is not the issue we have - it is managing their time that takes a ton of our time. Screen Time is a joke to control these scenarios - too complicated for parents to figure out and manage.

    MDM works for IT departments to control their employees. As a parent, I'm the IT dept paying for these devices and I need similar ability to control the amount of time and what they can do.

    Provide the warnings to the parent on privacy and let the markets decide - give us the choice to run apps like OurPact - it has been a lifesaver for our family. Apple would have done better buying OurPact instead of the complicated mess they attempted in iOS12. 

    You already have the most powerful tool available to you, its called being a parent and exercise your responsibility over your kids. It is easy just tell your kids to turn it off if they do not listen you take it away. Do not abacate your responsibilities as adult and parent to some third party and hopes they have your best interest in mind and not their own. In my house I only had to ground the electronics once for the bad unrespectful behavior to end.

    BTW, sometimes your kids will get mad and tell you they hate you because you did the right things. They will get over it.
  • Wisconsin governor wants to renegotiate Foxconn deal, says promised jobs unlikely

    6502 said:
    stevenoz said:
    This has Donald's cheese-burger-greasy finger all over it.

    He kills any good will with China and Taiwan (where Foxconn is located) and deals are aborted.

    I hope Trumpers take note. He is killing the Earth, and is a deal-breaker, not deal-maker.

    China is out to destroy us, maybe not military (but may so) but for sure economically. China shows us no good will that doesn't benefit them 10x more. China is our enemy and they are truly the ones killing the earth. It amazes me when Americans put China above the US just to spite Trump.
    I know this may not seem important to most people, you realize Taiwan is not really China, yes China makes claim to them, but Taiwan operated independent of China, As such Foxconn is a Taiwan company, and as many companies they set up operations in China. Foxconn setting up in the US most likely does not have Chinese puppet masters pulling strings. Foxconn was operating in Taiwan longer before they entered China and they been a contract manufacturer for US companies for almost as long.