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  • VirnetX asks court to ban FaceTime and iMessage, add $190 million to patent payout

    Request full details of their supposedly infringed patent, including code/underlying logic. Given the secretive nature of this company it should stop them dead.
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  • Justice Department asserts it could demand source code, signing key from Apple

    Well then FBI, federal justice dept, etc. I might just have to take you to the European court of human rights. Of the following 

    1. Compromising my data security - re data protection act. You not apple will be responsible 
    2. Anti competitive activities - in that by doing this you will give other companies not asked for this information an unfair advantage 
    3. Acting on accounts outside of your durastiction - i.e any non US accounts
    4. Acting on a company outside of your durastiction I.e. Apple's registered headquarters I think is still Ireland (for tax purposes maybe) so the durastiction could be argued to be in the EU not the US. 
    5. And just because everyone else in this farce is being silly (not this forum) wait until campus 6. is complete and Apple will take of Literally (lol?) 

    Rant over guys sorry I hope he last point bought some humour at least because some of the law enforcements arguments certainly seem laughable to me. 
  • Apple discourages Supreme Court from hearing Samsung patent petition, calls case 'legally unexcepti

    Samsung should pay what they owe. Arguing over the amount is pointless as it is less than a quarters profit for either apple and Samsung. It is a point of principal, at no point has Samsung been able to convince anyone it is anything more than a ME TO company that feels it can copy anyone from Apple to Dyson and get away Scot free. As such I hope the Supreme Court do hear Samsungs appeal but then reinstate the full $1 billion originally awarded plus penalties and costs for wasting everyone's time. It's not how much Apple has conceivably lost that should now be the issue but rather the penalty should be punative enough to stop Samsung or anyone else trying anything similar again. 
  • Samsung, Lenovo, LG & HP show off copies of Apple TV, MacBooks at CES

    I would expect nothing less from Samsh*te but is it really so dire out there that others feel compelled to follow their lead. No wonder Apple doesn't go to CES or maybe they are not allowed to as it would soon become clear how far the rest of the consumer electronics companies are behind.