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  • Former Facebook employees detail impact of Apple's upcoming anti-tracking privacy feature

    Apple is doing the right thing here and is alone in its willingness to put privacy ahead of potential revenue.  No other major player is making that trade.  Facebook is fading.  It was just the first really successful platform of its kind.  As the slack in the privacy rope is taken back up, which consumers will eventually demand, FB’s viability will suffer.  
  • Facebook preparing to take Apple to court over iOS 14 privacy features

    Zuck is delusional.  So far from being on sound ethical and moral ground.  I don’t bother with FB
  • Apple asks Foxconn to move iPad, MacBook production from China to Vietnam

    This is an immensely complicated decision.  Take a moment to consider then prioritize just 10 factors in the decision.  Always, human rights are in conflict with lowest cost of labor.  Moving all production to the US, where reliable folks wouldn’t even apply for a job for less than 20/hour + benefits, would double the cost of a respective product, pricing that product out of competitive contention in the marketplace.  A dead company has no ability to influence human rights and democracy!

    Why do so many posts here fail to consider such a simple business concept?  Apple understands the big picture and is leading many industries in renewable and recyclable business practices.  If you take a long look, from 1800 to present, you’ll see that business practices are evolving in a more humane and ecologically intelligent direction.  Some countries are way ahead of others, but that’s to be expected.  It’s happening.  Unless we have an economic collapse or a natural disaster effecting the globe, progress will continue.  

  • Apple has bled more than $500B in market value in September

    Apple is still a superb stock to own.  The P/E is healthy, the cash on hand is unmatched, the leadership is great, and the future is long.  We’re going to see a major correction in the next 3-6 months, don’t panic!  Take the dividend and reinvest.  

    Those who remember the crash of 2008, know that AAPL fell by ~50%.  That was two slits and many hundreds of dollars per share ago.  American politics and fiscal policy are not healthy, but tech innovation is accelerating in myriad new directions.  Apple is beautifully positioned.  
  • Mark Zuckerberg claims Apple's App Store charges 'monopoly rents,' stifles innovation

    Zuck and FB walk on a rope bridge majority built by AAPL.  Same with the video game folks.  STFU or build your own bridge.  Lucky Cook doesn’t ban you for the misinformation and violence you foster and profit from daily.  Sorry.  You R wrong.  Just because you’re rich, don’t mean you’re right.