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  • Smaller Mac Pro with Apple Silicon to join Mac mini refresh in 2022

    Further photos reveal that the M3 Max Pro Plus includes a shrubbery maze and koi pond.
  • Apple employees working from home stumble over confusing security guidelines

    Hahahaha, I love it when random Web sites claim to know what's going on inside this or that company.

    People at Apple work at home quite frequently with little difficulty.  But hey, "everything is fine" doesn't generate clicks, does it?

    By the way, here's another tidbit that doesn't happen across the board at Apple: extensive user testing

  • Apple says these Mac Pro graphics cards are Mojave compatible, reveals Boot Camp support l...

    kevin kee said:
     note: 6 years old iMac has no business to install Mojave.
    Oh, did you hear that, everybody? An Internet schmoe has decided what you should do with your own property, and that you've gotten enough value from your investment.
  • New iPhone 7 case rumor depicts thinner body, nearly flush camera

    More idiotic regressions from Apple. This "thinner" mania has rendered its products nearly useless. Oh, unless you want to bury your "thin, elegant" iPhone in a bulky, tacky battery case. When Apple itself has to introduced a humpbacked silicone sarcophagus to make its own phone useful, you have utter design failure. And that's what the pompous hack Jony Ive brings to the table: no advancement, but rather regressions that cripple Apple's products to the point of uselessness. NO HEADPHONE JACK? You have to be kidding. Nobody but NOBODY should vote for that stupidity with their money. It's as if Apple can't learn. Remember the disastrous Shuffle that had no controls and required special headphones with a button in their cord and a gimped Morse code to control the thing? Even Apple yanked it off the market and replaced it with the previous design. Then there's the idiotic MacBook that has only one port: an outdated USB port. It doesn't even utilize the modern and extremely versatile Thunderbolt port, which Apple championed! Instead, you get a computer that you can't charge while using peripherals, and has no video output for TVs, projectors, or external monitors. Apple is done. Consumers: Send a message. Don't buy stupidity.
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