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  • Five reasons to not buy the Amazon Fire TV Cube

    Wow, it's shocking--SHOCKING, I tell you--that "Apple Insider" would not like a device made by Apple's number one competitor.  The company whose personal assistant Alexa had demolished Apple's Siri in a space that Apple invented.  The company whose sales in the tablet space are growing faster year-over-year than Apple's iPad. And the company which, along with Roku, and UNLIKE Apple, has become synonymous with streaming TV.   The fact that you refer to Amazon's device in the final paragraph as the "Fire Cube TV" tells me all I need to know about the credibility of this review.  In fact, I think you've pushed me over the edge into buying one.
    Yeh it makes sense to buy one. Calling it "Fire Cube TV" is a much more important factor than the fact it is out of date and doesn't do anything that well. /s
  • Defending Tim Cook: Why Apple remains in good hands

    scott6666 said:
    I wholeheartedly disagree. Cook is a good beancounter abd operations man. And caretaker while Jobs was sick. But he’s an awful CEO. He’s convinced every level it’s alright to have mediocre products with half complete features and bugs galore. 

    Steve didn’t invent everything himself but he did push people to do more than they ever thought possible. Mr Nice Guy Tim is ruining all that. 

    And all the time Tim spends on social issues when he should be CEO kills me. Perhaps Tim has so little to do with the company he has plenty of time to be political. But that’s just another reason he should not be CEO. 

    Tim’s legacy for Apple is slow decay to oblivion as the Jobs product train runs out. 
    It's always easy to tear people down. Seems to be what people do nowadays. Let's assume you are right for a minute... there must be other companies out there that have a better spread of hit products, a pipeline of new and exciting products that are bigger than what Apple has created under Tim, and a better CEO. I'd like to hear what products you can name that started from nothing and are bigger than the Apple watch as a business, for example. 
  • With Bixby still MIA, Samsung scrambling to build Apple HomePod competing smart speaker

    I think after all is said and done in this post-fact world, Apple will stay on top longer than it has a right to because it is always held to a higher standard. Samsung put a dedicated button that does nothing on a phone no faster than last year's iPhone and it can still be claimed by some people to be the best in the world... the best ever. Just imagine what they will think when all the buttons work... oh wait, that might require a software update. Let's hope they sort it soon enough for the phone to not be obsolete and impossible to upgrade. 
  • All-new Mac Pro with modular design, Apple-branded pro displays coming in 2018

    sog35 said:
    The current Mac Pro is another example of horrible design by Ive and Co.  I'm glad many of the senior designers are leaving. Its obvious Apple needs new blood.

    The Mac Pro is another example of design going to far and destroying the practicality of the product. And the design itself kinda sucks. A trash can? ugly.

    I'm curious what other horrible designs you are referring to? Are there other amazing designers out there that have a better hit rate than these guys? Is this design any less practical than the Microsoft Surface Studio? Happy to hold these guys to a higher standard, but where is that higher standard? Samsung? Google? Maybe you thought the Amazon phone design was brilliant? Super easy to criticise. What exactly are you after?
  • Intel buying Mobileye for $15.3B to expand further into self-driving technology

    sog35 said:not grumpy, just realistic.

    what percent of the population would pay a ton more $ for self driving? 2% 5%?

    And what happens when we have self driving fatalities? 

    Self driving is interesting tech, but I don't see it being profitable for another 50 years. To me its like a machine that chews food for you. Yes 2% of the population may need it but no way is it even close to mainstream
    I find this to be a really bizarre view. Are you saying the no one will want:

    - A cheaper more efficient "uber" when you need it
    - The ability to not own a car at all - get the right car at the right time. Small car for quick commutes, luxury car for a special occasion.
    - The complete removal of the need to park... ever
    - The reduction in traffic congestion because roads are used for driving, not lines of parked cars
    - The ability for the elderly etc. to get transport easily
    - Food etc. to be cheaper because transport is through automated trucks
    - Businesses that can offer excellent delivery options because they use an automated delivery service to their customers

    It seriously goes on and on and on - self-driving tech will completely change how the world works.