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  • Apple unveils iPadOS, adding features specifically to iPad

    Dead_Pool said:
    RIP, iPad. The simplicity and elegance is gone. Thumb drives? Those things were outdated during Obama’s first term. Steve Jobs’ dream is dead.
    Superficial, trigger happy comment. It will support external drives in general, which is huge. Quote Apple website: "Connect an external hard drive, SD card reader, and, yes, even a USB drive."
  • Apple's new 11- & 12.9-inch iPad Pros sport a massive redesign and gain Face ID, USB-C

    I wonder if there will finally be a native and seamless support for wired external storage drives? (Seeing the introduction of 1TB option, not very likely). If so, I might upgrade from my current pro. If not, I’m going back to laptops for another cycle or two.

    I really wanted to make the iPad my main travel computer, but for photography and video work it’s still an excercise in frustration when trying to manage large files. A cloud-only backup option just doesn’t cut it as soon as you move out of more developed parts of the world, with spotty internet speeds. And the wireless drives are still too slow, complicated and unreliable.

    But perhaps I’m getting it all wrong – perhaps it’s a machine aimed squarely at creatives who reside in NYC?
  • Apple's A12 Bionic comes close to desktop CPU performance in benchmarks

    Well, all that power won’t be harnessed for longer pro tasks until there is a great cooling system. Lately I’ve been using an iPhone 8 with Lightroom as my main camera while traveling. LR camera does some quite heavy computational stuff, for example making HDR RAW DNGs (so actually blending RAW files on the fly, leaving the fully editable result) or long exposure shots, where it blends dozens of shots into a single image, again leaving an editable RAW file. While the results are lovely, when taking few shots in succession the app queues them because it takes quite a while to process each one and after a few minutes the phone overheats and starts to trottle heavily, crawling to a halt, while also force dimming the display untill all the shots are processed (which starts taking forever due to the throttling). On a recent trip to a hot-ish place I had to periodically get in the car and hold the phone, without a case, against the airco vent and that helped immensely. I know this is a somewhat rare and extreme usage scenario, but not out of this world extreme, especially for a product touting its technological superiority in a big way.
  • Future Macs could adopt Intel's new, high-performance discrete graphics chips

    It won't really matter, by that time Apple's lineup will be condensed down to the Watch as a core unit, connecting to scalable visual interfaces like Glasses and a myriad of external displays, plus the current-gen AirPods, all using in-house chips. Power-hungry graphics applications will use cloud services. I might have skipped a decade or so, but I have ADHD.
  • MacBook & iPad Pro updates might not make it to WWDC

    New MacBook Air makes so little sense, since the 12" MacBook is already even airier; I find it strange all these "analysts" are so stuck on it. If they do release a replacement, it might be simply a larger MacBook, possibly 13.3" to replace both the old Air and the non-touch bar Pro. Which I would be interested in since I'm so over the iPads (been using a 10.5" Pro since the release). I need a light traveling companion that can handle some photo work, but iPads are still too limited, even with all the advancements.