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  • Student sues Apple for $1 billion over false arrest linked to facial recognition tech

    Kinda think it will be dismissed the first day of the trial. 
    Apple and the security firm didn’t issue the warrant. The police does. 
    It’s not really on the people who provide tips to the police to verify their information. Police and the judge who sign the warrant has the diligent to verify the information. 
    Technically, the information they got should be only enough to question him as a person of interest, unless there’re witnesses (like any Apple Store staff). Then again, it still not Apple’s responsibility
    if you don’t have responsibilities, I don’t think you have to paid for damages. 
  • In two-pronged attack, Microsoft intros low-end Windows 10 S, high-end $999+ Surface Lapto...

    Consider the CPU is actually dual core on both i5/i7, I would say it's just a "Air with a good screen", instead of high end
    although it might trigger Apple to renew their MacBook Air? Just double the ppi and upgrade the CPU and they have something new to sell
  • Samsung chief Jay Y. Lee arrested for part in South Korean corruption scandal

    Here's the thing. While the design of S8 and the ad campaign are probably finalized, the future Samsung might not be able to push that hard on Apple. It's because the sole reason Samsung pushes hard on mobile because they are preparing the resume for the guy just arrested to take his father's place. (Although when you think about it, bring found guility might work better for him. ) 
    so, if his sister is trying to leverage this situation and make a play for the chairman office, the last thing she will allow is her brother's Samsung Electronics to have anything good to happen during his arrest, and considering the head is in jail, they just have their blockbuster literally on fire, and Samsung electronics got like 90% profit, she can make a really good case to diversify the company with more service business, which is the branch she's running
    So, if he can't get bail, we can probably see Samsung Electronics slipping in the fall. 
  • US AG Lynch says FBI not asking Apple to break into iPhone, simply disable 'password blocker'

    In her logic, then we can rephrase ISIS as not destroying Western countries, just disable the Western culture. And will be no violent or any kind of sexual assault, because you're just simply disable the "self-protect watchdog" of the victims' brain. This logic is not bullshit, just un-absorbed cow food Why are this idiots in charge of DoJ? Anyone with a proper education would not say that. It's just wrong to the ears.