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  • First look video: Unboxing and setting up Apple's wireless AirPods

    jdw said:
     I can keep repeating this in the Apple insider forums simply because no one at Apple insider appears to be listening...

     How do they sound?

    All this hype about these headphones and yet nobody is talking about the quality of the sound we get from them!  To me, that's pure insanity.  And no, I do not prefer to "assume" that they sound the same or similar to the existing wired earbuds only because they are a similar shape and color. Give us a review of how they sound!

    Thank you. 
    I just got mine today and have been listening carefully for hours. I can't compare them to EarPods because I never used them; they just stay in the box unused for the next buyer of my device. I can tell you, that my go-to IEMs are Westone W60's which retail for $1K. They are fine, audiophile phones, but they are corded, and I don't feel right wearing them while I'm working up a sweat at the gym. I tried my new AirPods today and must say, I am impressed (with certain qualifications). They have a very warm tone and male/female vocals are very good. Bass is definitely there, even without a tight seal around the ear. I was sort of amazed at this. I find the upper bass to be a bit heavier than I prefer, but it doesn't overwhelm. Sub bass is really present and bassheads will not be disappointed. The upper end is also 'good' and doesn't have a harsh, colored quality that would wear me out. With that said, the imaging, soundstage and detail are okay but not up to the highest audiophile standards. However, I can listen to tunes for hours with these AirPods and be completely satisfied. And, I now have freedom of movement. I can move about my office and home without being tethered to a device. 

    One strange observation: I noticed a difference in the quality of the music coming from my iMac (latest model) and my iPhone SE. The iPhone is noticeably better. On the iMac, I get occasional 'stuttering', and the sound is not as clean. Not sure why this is the case. 
    kevin kee