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  • House unveils sweeping antitrust legislation that takes aim at tech giants

    This fight will be interesting. Republicans have more at stake with, and at issue with, big tech than Democrats do. It probably won't be a party line vote.
  • Head EU antitrust regulator wants Apple to allow alternate app stores

    darkvader said:

    It's MY iPhone, not Apple's iPhone.  I should be able to load apps from any source I choose.
    Yes !!!!! It's your iPhone !! However it's not your OS. If you want to replace your iOS with Android or whatever, go ahead, Apple won't mind. I've been urging Apple to officially allow people to replace iOS with Android on iPhones for years, since that would shut up all the people who claim iOS is not Apple's product to control, like yourself.
  • Head EU antitrust regulator wants Apple to allow alternate app stores

    Someone said Apple should not be saying that Apple paid developers $200B, but rather that developers paid Apple $70B.

    Actually, neither is true. Consumers paid $270B and divided the money as roughly $200B and $70B to the two parties. And as a consumer, who is paying both of them, I'm happy with how my money is being divided. 
  • Head EU antitrust regulator wants Apple to allow alternate app stores

    Kara Swisher is wrong when she says it’s only for security and privacy that Apple has an exclusive App Store. It’s also to get financial compensation for all the products and two dozen services Apple provides related to the App Store. 

    If there are multiple app stores, who don’t give Apple the same 30% cut, then Apple will lose its profit for all of those two dozen services. 

    The only thing I blame Apple for is not putting up a decent fight against these lunatics who want something for nothing. 

    As I’ve been saying all alone here for two years, some jurisdiction will ban Apple’s 30% fee and then Apple will need to remove all app stores from that market. And this will happen because Apple doesn’t want to put up a fight. 
  • Facebook wants to help digital creators sidestep Apple's 30% commission on digital goods

    without having the added complication of developing phones/tablets and a mobile operating system as well
    Agreed. But Apple provides more free services for developers than just that. By “free services” I’m referring to 20 or more services that are covered through the 15% to 30% cut.