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  • EU tells Apple to open everything up to its rivals

    As I've been saying for many years, Apple could comply with the EU's unendingly growing requirements by simply allowing the users to choose to install either iOS or AndroidOS at time of setting up the phone. If users choose to opt for Apple's closed ecosystem, they weren't really forced into it. Right? They were given the choice of a completely open OS supported by Google (Apple could pay Google an annual fee to get Google to support AndroidOS on iPhones) or a standard Apple closed ecosystem. I wonder which OS would be the most popular one. I really don't know, but it would put Apple in control of its own OS again.
  • Apple submits update that will weaken iPhone 12 modem to French government

    Will Apple's software update be applied to all iPhone 12s worldwide, or just iPhone 12s that are geo-located in France (or maybe the EU)?
  • Crime blotter: Minneapolis' 'iPhone Man' pleads guilty over theft ring

    I'm struggling to imagine a way in which an iPhone could be "taped to the lid of a toilet" and not be glaringly obvious to even the most casual observer.
    To make matters even more obvious, the iPhone's bright light (flashlight mode?) was on, shining right at the occupant. 
  • Mac gamers can now play 'Baldur's Gate 3' a day later than expected

    When Apple says "new episode Fridays" I usually find (for me in my time zone) that it's available Thursday night. That's because there are multiple time zones and multiple dates at any given time around the world. This is also why, when Apple says, "delivery starts on <date>," the first people to get the delivery are in New Zealand, because <date> always occurs first there. (Actually, it occurs first in Kiribati, but only 14% of the people there have a cell phone, and it's probably not a smart phone. And half of the islands in Kiribati don't seem to have any cell phone coverage.)

    This could explain why Baldur's Gate was a few hours late: it was actually released Sept 21 somewhere in the world. Maybe even Alaska, which is next to the International Date Line. Parts of Alaska are located in the Eastern Hemisphere of earth.

    On a less entertaining note, it is disconcerting that Larian studios believes they can perform "thorough testing" in 24 hours, and that they had performed only non-thorough testing up until the day of release.
  • Amazon Prime Video won't be ad-free in 2024 without an additional charge

    Amazon is free to choose to price its services at any level it wants. I defend Apple's services the same way (e.g., Apple is free to charge 0% to 15% to 30% for some software on its store.) Neither company is a monopoly.