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  • Apple backs down on CSAM features, postpones launch

    Apple could make the CSAM features optional, but at the same time provide some tangible benefit for turning it on, so that most people will turn it on. There are many possible benefits to choose from, like 1GB of extra iCloud storage for example. That way the haters can just leave it off. That's a win for everyone.
  • Philips Hue debuts brighter bulbs, multi-color gradient lamps & more

    lorca2770 said:
    For what I have heard, Tylenol is also partnering with them. Total solutions
    That has been the case for me too. A total pain every day since the day I got them.

    However this month I was able to fix most of my problems! Someone on the web said (in 2016) that you can get improved results if you go to your wireless hub/router and configure it so that the Hue Bridge has a fixed IP address instead of a dynamic one. And I have to be fair to Philips, that seems to have worked. Changing the Zigbee channel about a year ago helped a small bit, but this new solution helped much more. After two weeks I don't think I have seen any more problems.

    So maybe I will consider purchasing more Hue products. But considering how much pain it has been, I still feel like punishing them by staying away.
  • 'No Chance' of blood pressure sensor for 'Apple Watch Series 7'

    A blood pressure sensor would be a guaranteed buy from me. Also, if they could make the battery last 24 hours instead of the current 16 hours (that's what I'm getting) then that would probably mean a buy from me, so I could wear it when I'm asleep in addition to when I'm awake.
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  • Pay up or get out: Apple's options for South Korea's App Store law

    rob53 said:
    Exciting times. I've been arguing for this for years and that's why so many people hate me on this forum.
    So you believe a developer has every right in the world to post their apps for free on the Apple App Store? Give me one legitimate reason why Apple should be required to host these apps for free. Apple doesn't charge for free apps but could start doing that if they wanted to. Apple could also start charging developers to even put their apps on the Apple App Store and if these stupid laws pass, I'm all for Apple doing that. There's no way anyone could force Apple to host things on their servers for free. It would be like me hosting your email server on my hardware, which I maintain, for free. Get a grip, I'd never do that and I doubt any company would do that. This shows how stupid these laws are.

    Of course, if you want to have your own payment system, then be prepared for Apple to start charging you a hosting fee for every download and install of that app. That's only fair isn't it?
    You have misread his post completely!!! He has been arguing that Apple SHOULD pull out of countries which pass laws unfavorable to Apple, like the one that South Korea passed now. Almost, half of his posts in this forum are about this. And he has been ridiculed/ignored by many of the AI forum members for those comments. He strongly believes that Apple pulling out of a major market over unfavorable laws is inevitable and wants to see that happen sooner. His post in this thread was related to that.
    You are 100% correct, friend. When I said, "I've been arguing for this for years" I was referring to the headline which said, "Pay up or GET OUT." I was calling on Apple to get out. I can see that you remember that "half my posts are about that." But in hindsight I should have resolved the pronoun that I used to prevent people from misunderstanding. I can see lots of people accused me of being on the other side of the argument. I guess I'm happy that finally there are a significant number of people calling on Apple to "get out." I suppose many of my 2000 posts were not written in vain.
  • Developer interest in Mac is waning, study suggests

    COVID-19 and the M1 could be additional reasons why submissions are down 15%.