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  • South Korea ends Apple, Google control of app store payments

    goofy1958 said:
    aderutter said:
    This will have far reaching effects, so really hope Apple & Google simply pull the app-store from South Korea.

    100% agree. Pull the stores and leave South Korea scrambling until consumers rip the government a new one for trying to fix something that wasn’t broken. People retaliating against this legislation will prevent other countries from attempting to do the same. Allowing alternative stores opens up the platform to a world of hurt. There’s a reason I don’t use Android. I don’t want my experience as a consumer to be ruined or compromised because some clueless government bureaucrats half way around the world went on some bullshit self righteous crusade in seek of good press.
    Just because other app stores are allowed, doesn't mean that you have to download apps from them.  Stick with the Apple app store, and there is no change for you (or me).  I would never go to another app store other than Apple's, so not a big deal to me.  If people want to be stupid and download unknown apps from another site, that is on them, and one thing I really hope Apple does is have some sort of disclaimer that if you do, you may void your warranty.

    You make a fair case for consumer freedom. But you don't realize that corporations also have freedom to not be required to provide the software and services to allow for third party app stores. How would you like it if you sold lemonade on your street and were told by the government that you had to sell your neighbor's lemonade and give the profits of that lemonade to your neighbor? Apple works very hard and deserves the right to not have to share its app store profit with its competitors.
  • Woman credits Apple Watch with saving life after AFib alert

    dk49 said:
    I have always wondered how the Apple Watch detects AFib? Does it require a special sensor, other than the heart rate sensor? If not then why don't all smart bands/smart watches with heart rate sensor detect AFib? 
    Fair question. I presume it's because those other watches don't have the software/hardware to detect if the high heart rate is for some reason other than the person is exercising. And even with that software you would probably need government approval to claim your device detects Afib. I'm sure Apple went through a lot of work to get Afib detection approval.

    Funny thing about Afib is that you don't really know that you have it. I.e., you don't really notice that your heart is beating fast. Although it does make you feel very sluggish. So I guess you could notice it if you were educated about the symptoms.
  • South Korea ends Apple, Google control of app store payments

    Now we find out if Apple/Google are willing to fight back.
  • Apple buys Primephonic, plans classical Apple Music app

    Primephonic paid their artists compensation based on time streamed, not songs played. I presume that's because classical songs have much wider durations. I wonder if Apple will honor that process or replace it. Pop songs tend to be the same length: 3-5 minutes.
  • Lawsuit claims Google offered Netflix favorable terms over Play Store fees

    DAalseth said:
    So what? Google, Apple, all the online stores have the right to negotiate whatever terms they want with any customer. They could tell company X they want a 30% cut, company Y a 100% cut, and company Z a 1% cut. That's their choice and it's just between the store and the company. Do you think Walmart has exactly the same terms with all of the vendors in their store? Target? Canadian Tire? Amazon? Of course not. In the case of Netflix you can't even claim it was some kind of market limitation, because it's available on multiple platforms including Roku, and over the web. I honestly don't see what grounds somebody outside of the deal is suing over.
    All true. The people who hate Apple think that Apple is a public service and that Apple has no right to create its own terms of service. Those terms, they say, should be created by public consensus, or the government, or Apple's competitors.

    All corporations, including Apple, have the same freedoms as individuals in society. But most people don't get that. And people also don't get that all corporations are ultimately owned by, guess what, individuals. On the other hand, we free individuals have the right to not buy from Apple if we so choose. So I support people's right to hate Apple.