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  • Airline industry launching vaccine passport iOS app

    Why the h... bother with such horrid nonsense. Vaccine only purpose is to prevent strong impact on person health or death. It has no, no impact on getting infected again so not protecting you from spreading "covid" further. Are all ppl blind?
    And..... If you look at the last paragraph on page 39 of this recent FDA-CDC circular, you will see a confession of fact by the CDC. They have never had and still do not have the SARS CoV-2 virus isolated ( The importance of this is as follows - under the FOI (Freedom of Information Act), some major research universities and governments in the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and now the US admit that they have not isolated a single SARS CoV virus ‑ 2 .
    How can one make vaccine for ever changing virus that even was not isolated? Why would anyone healthy be willing to be lab mouse to test unproven vaccine on disease you need to be tested to know you have it? And so on...

  • Apple takes TSMC's whole 3nm production capacity for Mac, iPhone, iPad

    zimmie said:
    50k processors per month on a bleeding-edge fab tech might be enough for the Mac Pro. Definitely not enough for anything more mainstream.

    As an aside, TSMC uses wafers 300mm in diameter in most of its fab processes. That's 70,685mm^2. The A14 is 88mm^2. You lose about 6% of the area of a wafer to the edges and unmasked regions for handling. That means very roughly 750 A14 processors per wafer (before you lose some to flaws). 50k processors per month at that density would be about two wafers per day. That's believable preview volume for a bleeding-edge fab process while the fab works on scaling it out effectively.
    That means about 225 mil processors a year. I think it could be Apple whole production combined. They roughly ship 200 mil iPones, 50 mil iPads and 20 mil Macs. It will increase but not all use latest processors. On other hand iPad and Mac processors are bigger. But it can be rally true they bought out whole production for whole year.
  • Hollywood thinks new Mac mini 'could be huge' for video editors

    As many points it is too early to judge. It will for sure not replace PRO machines and Apple would not shot into own leg. So Even powerful, CPU/GPU shares memory. No one knows I/O performance, limited expandability so it may be useful for some tasks as addition to PRO workflow. It can be used for video editing but question is in what resolution/codec/bitrate.  In past was done PRO video editing on much worse machines.
  • Apple's T2 chip has an unfixable vulnerability that could allow root access

    bonobob said:
    longpath said:
    I’m more interested in whether Apple will take this wake up call, and take steps to prevent such a blunder with the forthcoming Apple Silicon systems.
    The problem is already fixed in the A12 chip and beyond, so it's unlikely Apple will reintroduce the bug in their ARM Macs.  Their developers' edition has an A12Z, so even it should be immune.

    One more reason for Apple to keep one cheap iPhone/iPad in line up to outpace old vulnerable devices  or push them among users they do not care or would use Android otherwise.
  • Facebook says Apple blocked in-app message informing users of 30% App Store fee

    Is any retailer informing me that they have to pay commission to bank for card payment I did?