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  • Apple Watch Series 7 will be hard to find when it launches

    The Watch will be on back order regardless because of high demand, with or without supply chain issues.

    As for owning 20 bands? If you could afford 20 bands, you can afford some new bands. And give them to friends and family. I own one band. Why bother with more?
  • Arizona voters overwhelmingly support App Fairness bill

    Gotta add:

    "more that 40 developers"??

    40/20,000,000 = .0002%
  • Arizona voters overwhelmingly support App Fairness bill

    How will the law actually be written? Both Google and Apple provide consumer protections, security and privacy. Will the laws ensure that all payments systems provide this? Who will oversea these alternate payment systems? How will Arizona's law operate only within Arizona? Will the law only apply to mobile OSes and not to any other on-line platform?

    The Uber comparison is bogus - I'm being polite. Uber's nominal charge is 25%, but the incremental costs for drivers are much higher than the incremental costs for Apps. Plus Uber adds other fees. So Uber's net fee compared to the driver's gross profit is much higher than the 30% that Apple and Google charge. Apple also has 15% tiers, and a free tier, which applies to Uber and the vast majority of Apps.

    Finally Mobile OS payments are already open. We can trade stocks, do all our banking, use third party credits cards - all this with most secure convenience systems. In fact Apple Pay is virus (software or Covid-19) safe.

    Can Arizona write a law to improve upon this?
  • Apple pulls Fortnite from App Store for sidestepping commission fee [ux2]

    This became political when the US congress and the EU started poking. Putin joined too. Epic prepared their lawsuit and provoked Apple. Apple responded predictable and the papers were filed immediately. 

    Is Apple's 30% fee fair? Apple provides all the tools and services to all developers for a tiny sign up fee. Plus Apple provides provides security and privacy for both consumers and developers. For developers, they offer some protection against copy cats. The BIGGEST benefit for Apple developers is access to the BEST demographic in purchasing power to all developers - it's 5th avenue, Knightsbridge.
  • Apple uses WWDC to launch assaults on Google strongholds

    First: Competition is good, it's great, it may help defuse the naive politicos that see big tech as monopolies. 
    Second: In most cases mentioned above, Apple's enhancements make the Apple experience better but have negligible impact on Google's revenue.
    Third: Two exceptions:
    - Maps: Maps provide a starting point for many revenue generation and customer stickiness items. Apple is finally catching up.
    - Extensions ++: Several services require Chrome browsers, which then forces some users to default to Chrome. Again Apple is catching up
    Fourth: Apple's Pixel seems more like an experiment, than a business. We just saw Microsoft drop their experiment in retail stores. Google may drop Pixel some day. Pixel is a barely OK business. The problem is that Pixel can only take revenue from Android clone partners, none from iPhone.