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  • Apple Card Monthly Installments plan allows users to buy an iPhone straight from the Apple...

    I use credit car for everything. Never buy anything on debit. But than I know how much I can spend and I pay my cc every 2 weeks. I earn over $2000 a year from cash back and never pay interest on things that I have to buy anyways. Cc can work in your favor or agains you. It’s just how good you manage your finances. 
  • Fitbit debuts Ionic smartwatch to mostly positive first impressions

    mac_128 said:
    Rayz2016 said:

    AppleInsider said:
    That may give the platform a slight edge over Apple Pay, which requires that retailers be specifically compatible.

    I'm not sure this is correct. I don't have any trouble getting my Apple Watch working with any NFC terminal.  Did you mean that the issuing bank has to support Apple Pay?
    You haven't tried to use Apple Pay at a CVS have you? Many major retailers do not accept Apple Pay, where they do take other contactless payment methods.
    CVS is the only one I'm aware of that has specifically blocked AP on their NFC terminal. I believe they were part of the CurrenC train wreck and are too incompetent to remedy the situation. What are the others you mention?
    Home Depot did too. I used AP at Home Depot for a while and then  they found out it work there and Home Depot  block it completely on purpose 
  • Is Apple getting Siri-ous in the face of Amazon's Alexa Echo?

    justme12 said:
    Apple should be embarrassed by how bad Siri works. Actually doesn't work. I love saying Hey Siri what time is it in the middle of the night and Siri replying if I want to see Time magazine cover or anything else abut time magazine.

    Do whatever you want manually the first time, you're going to have to do that way anyway. I gave up doing things twice trying Siri
    Interesting! English is my second lenguage and I use Siri in English, I have an accent and siri understands me pretty well. It use to be harder the first few years but now Siri understand me about 90% of the time as long as there is not much noice.
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