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  • Tim Cook wants Apple to buy Manchester United soccer team

    Looking a byline date: Nope, not April …
  • Medical records company Epic partners with Apple on a Mac tool

    rob53 said:
    I dislike dealing with Epic health records systems but I've also seen more Macs and iOS devices being used in medical offices so Epic needs to accept the fact Apple is around and stop ignoring them, making only garbage Windows systems. Epic, and many other Windows-based health records systems, have gotten away with forcing health care providers to use their systems that are as open as Windows wants them to be. Windows is still the least secure and most heavily and easily attacked operating system in the world and they've probably bought off regulators and members of Congress to keep rules and regulations limited so they can't be held responsible for data loss. I wish this article would have included any data loss by Epic systems.
    Actually, it's worse than that.

    Most enterprises which run Epic have found it's so difficult to keep Windows up to a set maintenance level that they have to run the Epic client on a set of specially maintained virtual desktop servers, and use RDP Windows or thin linux-based clients on user desktops to peer into those virtual clients.
  • Apple drops PostScript support in Preview for macOS Ventura

    s.metcalf said:
    Presumably the pstopdf Terminal converter remains…?
    Yep - in fact I converted it's man page to PDF and stored it in Books.

       man -t pstopdf | pstopdf -o "Postscript to PDF man page.pdf"

  • Greg Joswiak confirms iPhone's future move to USB-C

    I hope like hell they also add a Thunderbolt/USB4 controller while they're at it.

    If they're going to be adding USB-C and allow users to take Pro Raw photos and ProRes video, they ought to supply a way to get the content off the phones in a reasonable timeframe.
  • iPhone 14 will be sold in Russia despite Apple's departure

    What you have to realize is that the USSR generations just watch television for all their information, and TV is totally controlled by the government.

    Younger Russians use VPNs and get information from the internet at large, and most of them are against the Special Military Operation.

    The thing both have in common is they all seem to be totally divorced from what their country is doing; none of them thinks that anything they do make a speck of difference in what Putin and the Russian government is going to do. Russian elections are going on right now, and all opposition candidates have been jailed. Anyone who vocally opposes the war has had to leave the country - even calling the conflict a war can get you a 15 year jail term.

    Interviews with remaining Russian citizens seem to show that practically none of them is introspective and thinks about the atrocities being committed by Russian forces - they all seem very privileged and think they should have the freedom to travel to other lands, and even the newly minted Russians say that if they're denied travel visas the offending country is an enemy - so the difference between the USSR generations and post USSR Russians may simply be a new coat of paint. Russians seem very naïve, though that naiveté may simply be them being cagy and avoiding persecution.

    There are rural and urban Russians, and all the troops come from the more impoverished rural setting.

    Of the urban areas, only Moscow and St. Petersburg really count, and none of grunts are from these areas.

    Russia is throwing forces in Ukraine as fast as they can, and they come from prisons and anywhere they can get personnel - a big source of troops is the occupied areas of Ukraine taken by Russian in 2014, and men from those areas are being conscripted at an alarming rate.

    Anyway, enough of this off-topic post, except to say that Apple gear is a ton more expensive now in Russia than it was when Apple marketed devices legitimately.