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  • Just what we needed: another Apple dongle, this time for USB-C to Lightning

    I would think these are more targeted at people with Lightning accessory dongles, not simply for a power cable.  

    For example:  Lightning SD Card Reader, L to Camera Connector, L to HDMI video adapter ...  Buy this one converter dongle instead of replacing 3 or 4 other lightning accessories dongles.
  • Apple Watch infringes Masimo pulse oximetry patent, rules judge

    I'd like to see me detail on what was actually infringed.  Was it the core technology of the product(circuits & components)? or was the patent something ridiculously simple like "a wearable that displays blood oxygen saturation on a screen". 
  • Apple Watch Series 6 long-term review -- Was it worth upgrading?

    I have upgraded my Stainless Steel Apple Watch every year since the first Apple Watch 0 ... except this year.  I get the stainless steel because it can be polished and can continue to look band new through its lifetime.  I always hand my watches down to family or spouse... someone always needs an upgrade; so I never feel like I am wasting $$ upgrading yearly if someone else continues to use it.  I did have a 6 on order, but for me the big feature would have been the SpO2 sensor.  However, when I heard numerous reviews that the Blood Oxygen Sensor was so un-reliable, and had to be sitting on your wrist "just right" to get an accurate reading I cancelled my order.  I was hoping your review would touch on this, as there are very few 6 month followup reviews like this.  I've had no issues with my 5, so I don't regret skipping the 6 at all.  I haven't heard anything about WatchOS updates improving the accuracy, so I guess I'll wait and see what the 7 has to offer.  
  • Apple granted restraining order against man who twice trespassed on Tim Cook's property

    So the senior leader ship team for one of the richest companies on the planet doesn’t have 24 x 7 security at their home residence?  And you can just walk through a gate up to the front door of the house?
  • Editorial: How AirPods and Shortcuts shifted Apple's Siri story and blunted Amazon's Alexa...

    While I am I the Shortcut Beta program, and extensively experiment with its capabilities (and Workflow before it), I don't think the vast majority of Apple iPhone users have ever bothered with it or know it exists.  It's a great supplement to Siri, and fantastic for automation gurus, but it doesn't excuse Siri being so far behind in general voice capabilities from Alexa.  And I don't mean Skills that integrate with ever other electronic device in your house via a special phrase, just simple basic stuff:

    Me:  "What time will it be in 9 hours"
    Siri:  "The time is 10am"
    Alexa:  "In 9 hours will be April 14th at 7pm"

    There are just so many basic questions I've asked Siri that she simply cannot understand, that 90% of the time I just use Alexa instead.
    There is also a consistency issue across Siri appliances.  Siri on my phone/watch != Siri on my MacBook Pro != Siri on HomePod.  
    Absolutely no reason why Siri on a MacBook Pro connected to the internet couldn't do everything Siri from the Phone/Watch can.