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  • Google staves off Oracle code copyright claim

    sockrolid said:
    Google's business practices are proof that sometimes crime does pay.
    And this patently false. There's no need for fanboy rhetoric here. 
  • User security, privacy issues draw sharp contrast between Apple iOS, Google Android in FBI encrypti

    LoopDoGG said:
    Everybody forget that encryption on Android has been possible on Android since Kit Kat and that it will be on by default on 6.0 and beyond? On my Samsung I have extra layer of security, KNOX. Android can be just as secure as Apple. We are reading too much into Google being silent. Though, if they stay silent too long, that can be suspect 

    First, KNOX is a joke.

    Second, encryption is only turned on by default in higher end Android phones with enough processing power to meet minimum data transfer rates specified by Google. Your budget Android phone (and let's face it - that's the largest percentage of devices sold) won't have encryption enabled by default. 

    Third, the reason for #2 is because Android uses software based encryption. That means the processor is doing all the work of encryption/decryption whenever you need data stored to or read from storage. It also means hackers can look at the source code for Android to try and find ways to get access. Plus the fact that data being processed is done in RAM (where there's a possibility hackers might be able to access it). The iPhone has had dedicated hardware encryption since way, way, way back in the 3GS.

    You can't put Android encryption and iOS encryption on the same playing field. One is clearly superior, and it's not the little green robot. 
    The point isn't which phone runs better with encryption turned on, it's the fact that data is secure on both. When we bring in performance, iOS definitely easily wins that one because it's hardware based encryption.
  • Apple correcting Siri "abortion" search issue uncovered in 2011

    All these Apple defending comments...
    dreyfus2 said:
    The problem here is the pipe dream of maintaining a cleancurated platform without ever becoming the censor. Doesn't work. There is no universal moral or ethic, and those claiming that are the problem, not the solution.

    By replacing conventional search with Siri, Apple became an entry point to search. And now they have to live with it. It is not Apple's choice what people search for, and it should not be. Just return results. If you don't block anything, you can never be blamed. (Yes, this might be a problem in some places and result in less business, but so be it.)
    So true... But, this is an Apple fan site, so you will tend to have people avoid logic and defend their favourite corporation which is strange to me. I love my iPhone and my Macs, but at no point would I defend everything Apple does. There's absolutely no reason why it took 4 years for Apple to fix this issue.
  • Apple correcting Siri "abortion" search issue uncovered in 2011

    I can't believe it took Apple 4 years to fix this... That's pretty embarrassing.