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  • Actually, there is something new about Apple's upcoming iPhone 7

    mac_128 said:
    tomasulu said:
    So many words and still iphone 7 will be to iPhone 6s what iPhone 6s was to iPhone 6. Everything's improved but nothing will be really new and desirable. And we all knew how iPhone 6s turned out. I have been using iPhone 6 Plus for two years and I should be upgrading but I'm not. I bet there will be many iPhone 6 users like me. 
    Exactly what I was thinking ... So much effort to justify nothing.
    You're the expert on wasting effort to justify nothing, registered and reading and commentary on an Apple site, aren't you fandroid?
  • Actually, there is something new about Apple's upcoming iPhone 7

    grblade said:
    Great article. Finally, a voice of reason. 
    Same here. Apple just can't win with the fandroid fvcktard anal-systs. What does Apple know? They just build stuff instead of acting like experts. I'm so shocked that these jerks want to condemn an American company that does well for once for the benefit of cheaters and liars, but then that's exactly what they are also. The same idiots say they don't care about privacy, until something happens when they wish they had it. These complete morons seem to forget about what has happened in humanities history every time people blindly forfeit their inalienable rights. Their incompetence makes me sick. The same morons that complained you "can't patent a shape" when the Apple vs Samsung trial was happening then complain when Apple isn't going to change the shape they mocked just earlier?! They are short sighted idiots and can cram it and go to hell with their ostrich with it's head stuck in sand rhetoric.

    I wonder how many of the trolls on AppleInsider and other pro-Apple blogs and websites are just paid shills working for Samsung, Google and others. Probably more than anyone could imagine since that's the only way anyone would be exposed to their false claims and ignorant accusations since they know Apple sites are the only ones getting any views because Apple users stay informed while the fandroids get lead by the nose like the sheep they accuse Apple users of being. Stupid aholes.