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  • Belkin plans AirPlay 2-enabled audio adapter

    cleger said:
    I’d really like to see hardwired Ethernet support. I have a good wireless network but wireless isn’t everything. I have lots of hubs and wireless protocols already going on in my networking closet where my whole whole amplifier is, I don’t want to have to rely on wireless, and don’t want to have to spend $600 on a Sonos amp or $450 on a Sonos port.
    Completely agree, I have 3 Airport Express for Airplay I have wired.  As well as main stereo receiver wired. I do have one Airport Express setup for wireless - it only gets used for Halloween.  Wire everything that can be, more bandwidth then for things that can't be wired.
  • Apple hasn't abandoned Touch ID in flagship iPhones yet

    I wish my iPhone XS had both - FaceID is great, and worked perfectly until it suddenly didn't between one minute and the next after cleaning the screen one day - hasn't worked since, the IR and Dot projection appears to be completely dead - and out of warranty (my mistake, first iPhone I've had that I didn't get AppleCare Plus)
    If it still had TouchID as well, it would be still secure and fast - as it is now I have to punch in my passcode to unlock every time, and things like banking I have to type in the password each time now, which is honestly less secure.
  • No, Apple's new Mac Pro isn't overpriced

    HP Pricing on 1.5 TB of ram is $46,080 USD for the HP Z8 - Apple looks downright cheap at $25,000 for 1.5 TB - and had to configure it with 2 "M" model processors to get any ram options over 384GB - so that increases the price of the HP unit. (either 2x10 core or 2x24 core appear to be the only ones that allow the over 384GB of ram options to appear)
    With a couple of high-end video cards, 8 TB of NVMe storage (that appear to rate slightly under the single GPU Radeon Pro Vega II) - was able to hit around $90,000 USD with holiday "sales" bringing it down from $111,000 or so. And that wasn't even all of the options that could be installed that would bring the price to it's maximum.
  • Google Chrome update corrupting some macOS installs -- but there's a fix

    So based on the commands, it is not damaging the actual File System (HFS+ or APFS), but is making changes in directories it shouldn't be.
  • Microsoft blocks Windows 10 update over Boot Camp driver issue

    Note that Microsoft supports Macs for longer than Apple does. The only reason why Apple does not support their computers for longer is because they want to force users to upgrade to their latest hardware even if it is slower than the computer they currently own (compare the latest Mac Mini to a top of the line 2011 iMac).
    There are things like 32 vs 64 bit in various components, features of the GPU (Metal support being the biggest thing to cause older models to drop off supported list), wifi, bluetooth and more.

    Why not compare the top of the line 2019 iMac to the Top of the Line 2011 iMac? or 2018 Mac mini vs the 2011 Mac mini?  They are very different class computers

    The 2018 Mac mini will out perform the top i7 2011 iMac's in most specs except GPU probably - 
    using GeekBench as an example 2018 Mac mini with i7 gets around around 5700 single core, and 24000 multi-core
    the 2011 iMac top-end i7 gets around a 3400-3600 single, with the top scores showing 11000-12000
    Disk performance is many times faster in the 2018 Mac mini - high-end SSD in new vs traditional HDD - or a much older model SSD was still SATA speed limited , as is wifi & bluetooth performance better on the new hardware.
    in GPU performance it looks like the Radeon HD 6970M is about 34% faster on average than the Intel Integrated 630 video - I'm honestly surprised it's that close - but there are GPU elements that the Intel 630 is faster at, so it's not a complete win for the 2011 iMac, and throw a cheap RX 580 in an eGPU case can get much faster performance (something I will actually be doing some app tests today or tomorrow with)