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  • App Store terms probably won't stop X from turning off the block feature

    no one talk about that we cant block Youtube channels too?
  • Nearly every Apple top exec is working on the AR headset

    I don't think the majority of the public care about AR/VR. It will just be another product some people will buy. Its no great inovation or world sharttering tech. Techno heads will buy it up as they do with anything new, whether it's useful; or not! That most likley is not what Apple fanatics want to hear but it is what it is.

    Says everyone until they see the game changer for themselves. Everyone else has tried and failed, so you think Apple is doomed to fail too. The majority of the public don't care about AR/VR because they haven't seen anything so far that would draw them to it.  But that is what Apple does best. Not necessarily innovation or world shattering tech, but taking what currently exists and ironing out the kinks and distilling it until they can provide an EXPERIENCE that is simply irresistible. Once that happens, public opinion will shift. It won't happen overnight. But give it a few years and this could be the start of something huge. Then everyone will follow and say it was inevitable.

    Really no-one cares what Apple is doing other than the die hard fan boys. Apple is not going to change the world with this I asure you. It will be the same thing as the Apple Watch. The hype around that just before launch was the same. Sure people buy it but it was not a game changer and is just another product out there. The head set will be the same. To be frank with you who the hell wants to live their lives in a dream world wearing a head set doing a Stevie Wonder impression! No disrespect to Stevie. Some poeple will buy this others will not and the world will move on. Apple is good but lets face another fact Apple Silicon did not kill intel or AMD its just another chip on the market that sould be obvious by now.
    why not just wait until it released. coz it will be funny when your favorite brand starts copying after apple release it.
  • Apple quietly buying app ads that funnel users to the App Store, developers claim [u]

    These developers should be happy that Apple Developer Program annual fee is only 99 USD. 
    Renting space on stores/malls is very expensive.
  • Apple's Federighi says child protection message was 'jumbled,' 'misunderstood'

    NYC362 said:
    Come on already.  Google and Facebook have been doing this for years.   Suddenly when Apple wants to do the same thing, everyone gets twisted.

    It is just like the 1000 gas powered cars that will catch on fire get not a work of national attention, but one Tesla goes up in flames and there's a world wide news bulletin like it's the end of the world. 
    i don't heard any news about Google and Facebook scanning photos or files on my computer. 
  • Senate lawmakers introduce bill targeting Apple App Store, Google Play

    me waiting an iPhone without App Store, just a phone with all Apple Services installed and a Safari browser.