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  • Apple says hidden Safari setting led to flawed Consumer Reports MacBook Pro battery tests

    I would guess that Consumer Reports did this knowingly. Their subscription base has likely declined as internet reviews of products are more immediate.
    Any chance to find something 'bad' about Apple really must be irresistible to them. I canceled my subscription many years ago, knowing that they are not the objective source they used to be.
    Either way, if your watching video on Hulu, Netflix or DirecTV/Comcast or some other non-cached data, your not going to get the 10 hour battery life Apple is advertising...
  • Apple confirmed limiting iPhone 7 Qualcomm modem to keep performance on par with Intel chip

    Well, with this press release, would it make any Android using this model (or anything newer) from Qualcomm have faster performance than any Apple iPhone..?

    Apple needs to just get back into the business of making high-end devices which substantiate Apple's premium price.   Choosing a chip as a "winner" and then retarding a product to be on-par with another is probably because Intel is paying Apple (or giving them away) to do things like this. 

    Intel couldn't have worse PR than a news release like this.  If true, it'd be difficult to see any phone manufacturer seriously consider "Intel Inside" a flagship phone.
    brian greennetmage
  • AT&T will entice users to sign up for DirecTV Now OTT service with free Apple TV or Fire TV

    I have serious doubts that AT&T will be able to deliver this service reliably. I understand on the back-end, AT&T chose IBM's cloud solution which likely won't scale like the Netflix/Amazon services out the gate. Probably best to wait until after the SuperBowl to see how this works. I have difficulty getting 300MB speed on a 1G fiber connection today. With the bandwidth requirements even for 4K it's probably best to stick with broadcast for the time being.