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  • Evernote culls 15 percent of its staff in bid for increased efficiency

    I've used Evernote for years and have saved invoices, receipts, bills, emails, pics, and hand written notes.  I've also saved hundreds of news articles and snipped excerpts from websites, which are critically important for my line of work.
    This past year, when my MacOS crashed my MacBook Pro Retina mid-2012, all of that saved stuff was recovered because it was in the Evernote cloud.  In other words, Evernote has been invaluable.  So watching the speculation and warnings about the potential demise of Evernote caused me to search for alternatives to save what had been stored. 

    After many evaluations of alternatives, DevonThink Pro was my clear choice and it took only an hour or two to download all documents from Evernote into Pdf or other formats.  Meanwhile, I'll continue to use Evernote, but DevonThink has provided me a secure path to save what could be lost...  

  • Evernote might be in trouble, so here's how to get your notes out of it completely and saf...

    Good article and I've gotten very concerned about the security of my Evernote data the last several weeks -- actually since they forgot about their customers during last year's ill-advised subscription re-pricing and then screwed up interface.  The recent departure of several top executives should give every user worry about its ability to survive.  Something about rats and a sinking ship... ;-(((
    Hence, I'm exploring DEVONthink and really appreciate the helpful advice. Most important will be the ease of transfer of thousands of documents, webpages, and invoices etc., etc. and searching and finding once downloaded. Six years of accumulated data in Evernote is at stake and I simply can't afford to lose it.

  • What six years of Retina MacBook Pro evolution gets you

    Did I miss mentions re: the price differential and keyboard comparisons?
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  • A year with MacBook Pro: reviewing Apple's 2017 pro laptop models

    entropys said:
    Well he does have a point, Soli. Apple users have very high expectations. For long periods macs were the best computers you could buy, so they tend to expect perfection.

    But the Mac line is not really worth the list price at the moment. And I believe Mac sales are much, much less than they could have been.

    I honestly can’t recommend one at present. I also desperately need a new machine for myself but am really hoping and hanging out for some decent choices ASAP, or I will regretfully have to move to the dark side, after more than thirty years of macs. I stuck with Apple during the dark days of the nineties, but it seems Apple hasn’t stuck with me. 

    In the eighties, the last half of the nineties, and the first twelve years of Mac OSX machines, macs were the best machines available at the time. You can’t say that now.

    While I don’t expect a redesign every year, at the very least keep them up to date graphics and processor wise.  It sticks in my craw to have to consider a full priced machine with a previous generation(s) processor.  To be honest, it’s a bit insulting. and if I feel insulted, am I going to recommend macs, get family and friends to switch to the Mac, like I have done most of my life?
    And also, once switching to the dark side, am I going to recommend iPhones? Apple should think very carefully about that. Maybe I will be a jilted lover and bad mouth Apple every chance I get? I would hope I am more mature than that, but a lot of people aren’t.  And who are Apple’s greatest, most committed promoters? People deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem, or some temporary instant instagram influencing it girl? Perhaps Apple could just stop treating its oldest and greatest evangelists like shit.

    Anyway, now that I have that off my chest, I am hoping for a Mac hardware event in the next month or so, at the Steve Jobs Theatre. I really expect hardware events to be there from now on.
    My thoughts exactly!  I'm also a thirty-year Mac user and am presently posting via my mid-2012 MBPro 15" Retina.  I've owned practically every Mac since the mid 1980's except during a dark period between 1997 to 2000 when I changed employers that only had PCs -- and Apple then, was offering nothing great, so I happily went with Dell.  I do understand that Apple is currently making 70% of their revenues on their iPhones, apps and iTunes, but come on, computers are the core of what users absolutely need! 
    Oh, and I don't want a $3,000 price point for a shiny new laptop.  My wife just got a 15" 1Tb memory Dell for under $500.
    My Mac-nut loyalty and $$$ investments over three+ decades is deserving of more from Apple and its current troop of millennials, Chinese hardware factories, & Tim Cook's social activism. 
    We need better, and more and now.