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  • Apple unveils iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max with always-on display

    My two major issues are:

         1. Did Apple just cripple the “world phone” capabilities?  There are very good reasons to change sims when you travel to certain countries, such as a) local plans are FAR cheaper in most cases, b) better access to cell networks - in some countries you theoretically have access on the mainstream networks, but in some areas only the small networks have good coverage (and AT&T, T-mobile, etc. isn’t necessarily supported), and c) having a local number which reduces confusion and increases convenience for locals (such as family or clients) to call you.  I thought the 1 physical + e-sim was the most flexible option.  I wonder if they will have another version for some countries that offer the physical sim slot.
         2. Is the max storage 512gb when it was previously 1TB?!?  They announced storage “up to a terabyte.”  But in both the order screens and the tech specs for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, there are maximum storage options of 512gb.   My trusty old iPhone 13 Pro Max has 1TB of storage.  Maybe these are errors on the site that they will correct.

    Other than those issues, I feel like this is a decent upgrade over the 13.  I especially like the new cameras.

    i would still love to see under-the-display Touch ID (with a “poison finger” option).

    I would also love to have the ability to utilize the Apple Pencil’s features with the iPhone.  I know there are things they have said to suggest it’s not coming, but I still want it.

    Off-topic, argh!  Why does Appleinsider’s text box for entering posts always scroll to the top when we select a word by double-tapping, then try to move a selection dot to include more text (ex. select an entire sentence)?  This makes editing painful and, at least for me, discourages posting.  This only occurs for me on  Is there a solution to this issue on the iPhone?

    UPDATE #1: Storage issue no longer an issue
    Now I see the 1TB option.  Either I did something wonky the first time around, or the page was corrected.  Could be either!

    UPDATE #2: WTF, Apple!?!
    Taken directly from the FAQ at the bottom of the official Apple iPhone 14 Pro page: "iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models will arrive ready to activate with eSIM.* Note, these models cannot activate with a physical SIM." and "*Not all carriers support eSIM. Use of eSIM in iPhone may be disabled when purchased from some carriers."

    I did see someone stating the "international version" would have a physical SIM tray and not be limited to eSIM only.  Is that true?  If so, how do I get THAT version of the phone?  I travel!

    I made  a new post with just that latter info and question just to highlight it.
  • Apple Watch Ultra debuts as a giant & rugged titanium model

    tyler82 said:
    Nice... but is it still useless if a drop of water gets on the display? Using my Apple Watch in the pool, or running and sweat gets on it, renders it unusable.
    …the hell you talking about?
  • New AirPods Pro with improved features & better battery life debut

    Yup. Yup.  I’ll be getting this.

    This event always makes me a little poorer each year… and happier.
  • Apple Watch Series 8 debuts with new sensors & focus on health

    As I write this, I’m uncertain what the new sensors are (the article does not yet say, and I cannot current watch the presentation), but I’m excited to learn.  Probably temperature and …what else?

    As a physician, I have been very impressed with the Apple Watch.  I love the idea of Apple adding to the sensor platform to monitor health parameters.

    Physicians call vital signs “vital” for a reason.  Simple parameters such as temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, and oxygen levels convey critical information.

    Apple is gradually adding the ability to nearly continuously monitor vital signs.  They also monitor additional information, such as heart rhythm.  What makes Apple stand out is the high quality of the measurements and Apple’s development of extremely clever algorithms to extrapolate additional information from the data they measure, far more than the sum of the parts.  When they are able to add blood pressure monitoring, glucose monitoring, etc., we will see something pretty amazing as the result.  I can imagine Siri being able to tell you that you are “diagnose” dehydration, respiratory/lung problems, severe infection (sepsis), sleep apnea, seizures, orthostatic hypotension (blood pressure dropping when you stand up), early Parkinson‘a disease, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Each sensor they add could increase the potential issues that the watch/iPhone could detect in an exponential fashion.

    TL;DR - Doctors love this crap!
  • Apple applies for more 'Reality' trademarks for AR, VR headset

    “One Reality Pro Processor”

    Um, nevermind!