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  • Apple disables Group FaceTime as it works on privacy bug fix

    Wow - didn't expect that level of sarcasm and 'WTFs' after one comment. When I say collapsing quality, I'm referring to what started as a personal experience - as a past user of iTunes match, my entire Apple Music library was scrambled (a widespread issue) - it then took dealing with an apple engineer for over a year for them to finally accept that the issues were not resolvable, having tried many times to pitch bugs as features to me, and for them to recommend that I abandon my Apple ID as the same bugs were becoming evident across multiple iCloud features, including photos and documents. Since then, we've seen a litany of software failures - iOS 11 was so buggy that the majority of user-facing changes for iOS 12 were pushed back a year. Craig Federighi had to apologise just over 12 months ago for the critical root vulnerability, there have been numerous issues since then - now this. These are no longer isolated cases - we're seeing sustained failures in quality control. I can criticise Apple's execution without that meaning I'm supporting other operating systems or business models. And Tim Cook has grown Apple sure, but he's done it by milking IP and innovations from the Job era. When I say the failed pricing strategy, I'm referring to how this evening we're expecting YOY iPhone revenue to be down 33% - almost no analysts accept Cook's defence that this is solely down to China. I actively agree that Cook was the right person to steer the ship for the first 7 years since Jobs, but I don't think this quality is acceptable and I think someone with vision for the future needs to step in. Can I genuinely and politely ask that if you disagree, can you just argue your point calmly without things like 'WTF' - I don't see why we can't discuss and debate without respect.
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