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  • Editorial: Apple Arcade is likely to drive a new A12X Apple TV

    lkrupp said:
    Despite being a pioneer, AppleTV is now a massive underachiever. They’ve been pretty convincingly overtaken by Roku. If it weren’t for my photos and my music, I’d pretty much jettison both mine. The remote is an insufferable joke. 

    Faster processors and Arcade and Jennifer Anniston and such ain’t going to cut it. 
    Could you elaborate? How is the Apple TV an underachiever? What is superior about the Roku other than unit sales? My Apple TV HD does precisely what it was designed to do, that being streaming music and video, providing a plethora of apps from which to choose, games. Back in the day the Windows people used to mock Apple users over how much software was available for Windows compared to OS X, leaving out the fact that most of that Windows software was cheap crap. In my opinion you are dead wrong and the Roku is the streaming world’s Windows, market share and nothing superior about it.
    I've not tried Roku. I had a friend who demo'd his to me a few years back and it didn't impress, so I've stayed with Apple TV. Mostly I love Apple TV, although the remote was a bother until I bought a silicone case for it (about US$5.00). I bought one with a wrist strap, because it means you can feel which way is up without thinking about it. I later discovered that, if I'm feeling lazy, I can snag the remote with my big toe - avoiding leaning over to the coffee table (yea, I know - too much information!). I'm too busy to play games, so I'm using it for TV and music, and as a family photo album (about 1000 of our best of the best photos set up as the screensaver). YouTube and Mubi are my favourite apps, so far. The only downside for me is that the interface is inconsistent (which I put down to us being used as guinea pigs while they sort out how best to deliver the TV App across devices and systems. My wish list includes the ability to have a music visualizer, like in iTunes on the Mac, the ability to set different screen savers and/or visualizers to engage, depending on what App you are in and an algorithm that pushes the stuff that I like (and haven't already seen) to the top of the selection in the Movies and TV apps. PS: I've noticed that if you search for something and it's not available then, sometimes, it is available a week or so later, so big kudos for that.
  • Review: Apple Card is more of an experience than a reward generator

    macgui said:
    steveau said:
    The review misses one very important fact: Apple Card is only available in the US, with neither Goldman Sachs nor Apple has yet disclosed when or if it will be available in other countries.
    That's not important at all. Maybe Apple and G-S will offer it outside the US, maybe not. It's not as though Apple said it will be available outside the US.

    Its important to me, and - I assume - to all of the other Australian, Canadian, NZ, UK, european, african and asian subscribers to this website.

    I know it was mentioned in a earlier post that it will come to other countries sometime, it would be nice to know whether that position has or has not changed.
  • Steve Wozniak says Apple should have split up long ago, talks push into services and more ...

    Japhey said:
    tzeshan said:
    i am curious. What are his contributions after leaving Apple decades ago? Giving advices to Apple? 
    Also, why does he continually refer to Apple as “we”?  Is he currently connected to the company in any way, official or not?
    And also, why does his beard look pink?
    According to this report:, the Woz is still on the payroll. Without him the Woz there would be no Apple. Without Steve Jobs there would be no Apple. It needed both of them. Also, his total net worth is reportedly around $100 million, so I'd rather listen to him than trollers with a net worth of much, much less than that.
  • Apple expanding contactless student ID to 100,000 students at 12 more colleges

    JWSC said:
    Shouldn’t all students have the Mark of the Beast on their forehead and embedded in their right hand by now? What happened to the Armageddon we were promised as kids? 

    It’s coming in 12 years.  Similar to fusion, the apocalypse will always be 12 years away.
    Every properly conducted study since the 1970's gives our end date as a civilisation as 'around 2050'. Recent reports confirm that prediction, and current events don't give us much hope of a reprieve.
  • Apple's FileMaker, Inc brings back the old Claris name

    I am really intrigued by what could happen with Claris going forward, especially after reading all the comments here. 
    Agree. Lots of great ideas in all of the posts above. Personally, I find Pages and Numbers much less intuitive than Word and Excel (I am really sad to have to say that, but it's true). Menus and stuff everywhere, why can't we just have drop down menus and keyboard shortcuts, so we can find stuff quickly? Keynote is not so bad. But, what I really miss is the database - it was simple and easy to use and could easily handle up to around a thousand records, which is more than enough for most jobs around the home or office.

    For those who want more Claris history see