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  • First look: LG UltraFine 5K Display

    Soli said:
    Yes, the screen is beautiful but the display design is so un-Apple. It looks just like our Dell monitors at work, blah!
    1) Your "Dell monitors at work" do not have this pixel density, color accuracy, or most of the other advanced display qualities of these new LG displays which makes them very different when you look at the screen.

    2) Would AppleIsDying have parroted your comment if you hadn't started the ball rolling?
    Regarding #1, they were referring to the display housing--which, I personally agree is very un-Apple--not the display itself. There is still quite a bit of bitterness/apprehension out there over the news that Apple jettisoned its display unit. When the next-gen imac comes out (assuming it does) do you want a bunch of plastic sitting next to it or a nice aluminum encased apple-designed monitor sitting next to it?

    WRT #2, it's unfair to think that because bloggerblog expressed their frustrations that they're personally responsible for the ramblings of a troll.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 glass screen more easily damaged than any iPhone

    cnocbui said:
    sog35 said:
    how do you know?  Maybe Samsung's quality control isn't as good as Apple.  Maybe Samsung agreed to buy Cornings 'sloppy seconds' for a discount rate.

    Don't think for a second that Samsung isn't sketcy enough to do this type of stuff.  
    They know their clients are idiots and uneducated so they can sell them low quality junk and it won't matter.
    Oh don't give me that Apple quality shit.  I'll give you Apple quality - this is what you get from Apple in a near $3000 product:

    <image removed/>

    This is the screen on my naked pocket carry for 6 years phone:

    <image removed/>

    And contrary to all the anti-OLED brigaders, the blues haven't faded in the slightest and there is no burn-in.

    My experience with admittedly only a few products, is that Samsung do not make junk.
    Let me get this straight. You're comparing the condition of a used phone to a used cord? That's like comparing the condition of a 6 year old used car to a 6 year old used tire.