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  • iPhone 15 Pro Max may get the world's thinnest screen bezels

    I totally dislike the idea that Apple will differentiate new technologies between the Pro and Pro Max models. If that were to come to pass, then Apple should call its two high end models the Almost Pro and the Pro Max.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: What it looks like and when it's coming

    I’d be very disappointed if the 15 Pro Max offers any upgraded features that won’t be available on the 15 Pro. I’ve owned both the Pro and Pro Max models in the past, and found the Pro size much more to my liking. Charge what you want Apple, but keep the same features for both Pro models.
  • Apple Music violates EU antitrust laws, $39 billion fine possible

    "Today, the European Commission sent a clear message that Apple's anticompetitive behavior and unfair practices have harmed consumers and disadvantaged developers for far too long," 

    Harmed consumers? If Apple products harm consumers, they have a funny way of showing it.
    The world’s most admired company sells hundreds of millions of dollars of products a year. 
    Harmed developers? No wonder that comment came from a music competitor’s legal team.
    It’s time for the European Commission to get off Apple’s financial back and let the company continue to innovate and set its own course without interference.
  • Apple's AR headset probably won't need an iPhone to function

    h2p said:
    “…the initial $3,000 model” isn’t priced for consumers, obviously. This could be Apple‘s way of skimming the cream off the top of people that are so interested and so excited about the mixed reality headset that they’ll pay that kind of a price. One other little tidbit is that this could be like the original iPad… Said to be priced at $2000 (by the PC press) and it was released at $499. It was a big hit immediately. 

    If the “lower priced“ headset is at $1000, then this too will be an immediate hit. That would be essentially the price of the iPhone 14 Pro so I’ve got a little bit of wishful thinking going on there.
    The original Macintosh was $2495, which also put it out of range for many consumers.
  • House Judiciary subpoenas Tim Cook & rest of big tech about alleged collusion

    While they’re at it, subpoena AT&T/DirectTV executives to find out why
    Newsmax is no longer available to their subscribers.