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  • Apple unveils new 12.9-inch iPad Pro with mini LED Liquid Retina XDR display

    The number of mini-LEDs and dimming zones is pretty crazy. For example, there are $3,000 4K TVs that have less than 800 dimming zones for an 85" screen size.
    iPhone 12 Pro Max has 3,566,952 dimming zones
  • How to use a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad with iPad and iPadOS 13.4

    Apple's step-by-step plan to replacing light-weight computing with iPads. Another example of setting up your goal far and high

    Nah! Forget the conspiracy theories.

    This is simply the natural evolution of the iPad as it evolves into more and more complex computing and is used for more traditional computer stuff such as word processing, spreadsheets and photo editing where the cursor provides a finer level of control than a finger every could -- plus the right click function provides additional functionality that is cumbersome otherwise.
    After that, they'll add window support so multiple applications can be interacted with at once. After that they will add a few more ports to the side including Thunderbolt. After that is a dedicated display that you can perform some nifty functions with. After that is terminal support. Finally the name change to Mac.  :D
  • Apple debuts iPhone 11 Pro from $999 with triple rear camera

    evilution said:
    Matthew C said:
    Lightning connector on a phone labeled as PRO, what is apple thinking!
    What's un-pro about Lightning? There are some very un-pro Android phones with USB-C.
    Ask Apple.

    Apple pro devices with Type C as the only or primary port:
    iPad Pro
    MacBook Pro
    iMac Pro
    Mac Pro

    Bonus: Macbook Air
  • US Supreme Court greenlights lawsuit over App Store monopoly

    LenardH said:
    For safety reasons I would not put an app on my iPhone unless its from the App Store.Think about RANSOM ware.....
    And yet you have been doing it on your Mac for decades.
    avon b7Carnage
  • Rumor claims 2019 iPhone will get 10MP TrueDepth camera, stick to Lightning

    tokyojimu said:
    I like the way Lightning clicks into place (and stays there). If I move my MacBook 0 ever so slightly on my desk, the USB-C disconnects momentarily and all my drives unmount uncleanly. 
    This must be a cable thing, I’ve seen it mentioned before but literally all of my USB-C cables/adapters I have so far all click snugly into place and require a fair amount of force to remove from my 2018 MBP. 
    It is a port problem. The 2016 MBP have hopeless ports, it was improved on the 2017 models.