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  • Apple unveils all new 13-inch MacBook Air with Retina display, Thunderbolt 3 and more

    lewchenko said:
    In the uk it’s 1199 to start with only 8Gb and 128Gb. 
    And a ridiculous £200 to upgrade to the next model which has a 256Gb drive (nothing else different).  Go to 16Gb and it’s £1579. Wow. 
    All dual core processors too. 
    Silly money.

    My 2013 dual core Mac book pro with retina , 16Gb, 512Gb SSD cost less than these. 

    You can buy a MS Surface Laptop 2 with 8GB, 128GB SSD, Retina-class display for $999 USD (base model).  Granted it doesn't have TB3 / USB-C and it runs Windows 10 but still that's a good value.
    and, the MS Surface Laptop 2 has a touch screen, no mac laptop does.

    nothing that apple makes that runs OS X (MacOS, whatever) has a touchscreen unless it's 3rd party.

    installed MacOS on a touchscreen hackintosh and it was nice.

    really wish apple eventually realizes not everyone who uses apple wants iOS.
  • Rare customized Apple-1 to go up for auction, could top $500,000 in bids

    steveau said:
    bluefire1 said:
    I wonder how much I can get for my original 1984 Macintosh.
    From the TurboFuture website: M0001 Complete Unit in Mint Condition: Up to $2,700, in Working Condition: Up to $650, or Broken: $20 -$35 or break out Parts and Components to a value of $100 - 300 Most Valuable Component: Internal Floppy Drive (Note: the grease originally used to lubricate the internal floppy drive may solidify after 30 years of non-use, rendering the drive useless. Soaking the drive in an acetone bath overnight will restore the drive to working order). How much did it cost you, back in 1984?

    $2,495 for the system (mac write & mac paint bundled)
    $595 for imagewriter printer, $29 for the cable
    I believe the external floppy drive was $495
    box of 400k floppies: $50
    external modem: $295
    mac draw $195
    mac project $195
    canvas carry bag: $125
    pride of ownership: priceless

    it never failed to blow the mind of anyone who saw it running
  • How Google's lack of human curation spreads and monetizes fake news

    a couple of centuries ago, they used to call it 'yellow journalism'. then, 'news'. now, 'fake news'.

    one of these days, people will figure out that all news reporting has an agenda, and it is not altruistic.
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  • Reported 2016 MacBook Pro graphics issues likely caused by third-party software [u]

    chasm22 said:

    Yes, except if the patient is dead for 4 years it's probably a little late to consider revival. Many MBP's produced in 2011 had graphics problems related to hardware failure. It took Apple 4 years to offer a solution. Do you think the people who owned these defective units simply suspended their use of a laptop during this time? Or do you think they paid out of pocket for a repair? Or, and this is the one that really hurts, do you think they purchased another laptop? 

    If they chose solution one, they simply lost time. Which is money if you're a professional using the MBP to accomplish work. You, at best, waited a week or so for your MBP to be repaired and returned.

    If you were on a project where you were time constrained and needed, as many do, to be up and running ASAP you probably backed up your material and went to the Apple store and purchased another MBP. Money that won't be returned now or ever.

    Four years later Apple offers to fix your broken MBP. Are you smiling and thinking 'cradle to grave'.  Or are thinking,  "Who cares I couldn't wait four weeks much less 4 years so I replaced/repaired on my own.  The lack of timeliness in your solution makes it barely qualify as a solution?" Hmm?

    All part of the 'cradle to grave' you thought smart to bring up. 

    If they would fix it if the customer paid, why did it take them 4 years to offer to fix it at their expense?

    I was the victim of this, had to write off a $2600 15" MBP, sold for parts after many trips and repairs and no satisfaction.

    Had mobo replaced under warranty (and great duress) but it failed 9 months later, out of warranty.

    Apple then wanted $350 for out-of-warranty mobo replacement for the exact same issue, only 90 day warranty for repairs. so we decided it was a bad bet and sold laptop for $150 on eBay, three months later Apple announced the mobo replacement, too bad for us

    a $2600 laptop that never ever worked as it should. what a joke.

    Unlike others here, I was always made to feel that I was at fault and doing something wrong (I wasn't, finally failed completely when trying to upgrade to Yosemite), got total attitude from the Genius Bar in Colorado and Virginia on every single visit.

    I would never buy a new model anything from Apple. Had the same experience with the iPhone 3Gs, two years of hassles with freezing overheating crashing rebooting before they finally took it back and gave a factory refurb replacement.

    I've had Macs since '84 and have been used to much better treatment in the past, but hey, enhancing shareholder value at the expense of customer value, go for it...
    avon b7
  • Review: Apple's 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    dcgoo said:
    What? ...not a word about the massively fast SSD?  I came from an early 2013 MBP, the storage performance is incredible! 
    nor a word about the total lack of upgradability of the SSD, or general lack of serviceability / repairability

    if there turn out to be engineering errors, great sadness will ensue

    consumer value: one star
    shareholder value: five stars
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