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  • 'Loaded' expectations: There are no secrets or hidden messages in Apple's event invitation...

    It looks kinda like a couple e's ... e*World is back baby!!!  :D
  • Mac mini 'pink squares' graphical glitch fix on the way

    I am seeing a few quirks with my M1 Mac Mini (16GB | 1TB) - two definitely point to 3rd Party software issues ... the first, which I suspect is Apple related = video issues when waking up from sleep - it happens about 20-30% of the time where I will get a screen of white noise that goes in-and-out, or I will get random patterns that go in-and-out as the computer seems to have issues syncing up with the 1080p monitor ... after multiple attempts to get the machine to wake up with a viewable display, it will finally work ... the two software issues I am running into are Microsoft To Do will unexpectedly quit at least 1-2x per day, and Firefox has an issue that seems to be cropping up 1+ times per day where I cannot get the 7-8 tabs I have open to update (or accept input), but I can successfully quit the program Command-Q and then relaunch and Restore Previous Session (until it happens again) ... I have a 2012 Mac Mini (Quad Core i7 w/16GB) and none of these issues happen on that machine (running Mojave) ... overall, still very happy with the M1 Mac Mini ... these annoyances will go away in due time ...
  • Apple introduces new Apple Silicon Mac mini with $699 price tag

    dewme said:
    Am I wrong in thinking that this will be a great candidate for server farms (either now or soon when appropriate software is available)? It seems to me that the ratio of performance to power and heat combined with the compact form factor and low price would make it much better than anything currently available for this application. 
    Sure, why not. But it's probably not the most cost effective or serviceable way to go versus a blade server that is specifically designed for a rack based server farm. The Mac mini packaging, peripheral port access, types of ports, power and emissions ratings, and capabilities of the graphics subsystem are more geared towards consumer and desktop use rather than rack based use. For a server farm I'd want to see little things like front panel diagnostic and activity indicators, a power switch on the front, a built-in mechanical securing mechanism, considerations for rack based system airflow, etc., sorts of things. I'm sure if Apple wanted to build a server that is purpose-built for server farm applications they would probably change a few things about the design. But as-is, it's definitely usable for some server farm scenarios. 

    As far as the current lack of VMWare Fusion or Parallels hosting support, if I had a real need for a Windows machine for my workflows I'd probably just buy an existing Intel Mac mini or an Intel NUC and stack it on top of the M1 Mac mini and install Windows on it. You could run multiple HDMI cables to the same monitor or use a KVM to switch between either machine. In fact, if you need to test apps on Intel Mac, Windows, and M1 Mac you could install macOS and VMWare Fusion on the Intel Mac mini and have access to all of the target machine types you'd ever need.

    The Mac mini is a great option for business users and software developers because you can stack as many of them as you need to build out your dev & test environment, i.e., create your own little desktop client/server farm. For home users who need to run Windows in a VM on their Mac but cannot afford a second machine, not even a stick PC, I think you'll have to hold on until Apple figures out what it's going to do for supporting Intel VMs. Just keep in mind that we're only at M1 today, so who knows what M2, M3, ... and so on will deliver. What Apple has done so far is impressive, but it's not the end game.

    MacStadium, along with others, have solved the issue of racking Mac Minis in Datacenters ... they've been doing this for years - ...

  • Apple introduces new Apple Silicon Mac mini with $699 price tag

    Pleasantly surprised the Intel versions for the 13" MacBook Pro and the Mac Mini are still available to order ... I wonder how long that will be the case ...
  • Google discloses zero-click bugs impacting all Apple platforms

    rob53 said:
    Already fixed so why did Google bring it up?

    It is common practice within the security field for the org/team that submitted the security vulnerabilities to publish their findings after the vendor patches said vulnerabilities - nothing nefarious going on here ...