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  • Tesla unveils new Semi with a 500 mile range, Roadster that can hit 250 miles per hour

    "This will be the fastest production car ever" is not the same as "once we think we can actually make this in 3 years it'll be the fastest ever." Anyone can go up and throw out random numbers for an over designed car. I could pretty easily get you a 1000HP car made if you told me I had three years to make it and unlimited money even if my company never posts a profit. My point: "we can do this in three years" does not equal "look at what we made!"
  • Lawfirm considers suit over iPhone's Touch ID-connected 'Error 53'

    steviet02 said:
    sflocal said:

    Nonsense... most people will have their iPhones repaired by Apple.  That's a no-brainer. 

    I never even thought about the issues of repairing the TouchID system.  It's nice that Apple put a lot of thought into the security system and to me, it makes total sense that replacing TouchID by some stranger should brick the phone.  Honestly, I think its a great idea.  They did it to keep us - the consumers - safe, and not some conspiracy ploy.

    Honestly, why is this even an issue?  Makes perfect sense to me why it works the way it does, and if it is explained properly to any customer affected, I'm sure they would be completely understanding by it.  Take it to an authorized repair facility and be done with it.  If there is not one near you, too effin bad!
    Nonsense! Replacing the Touch-ID with HW that is appropriate should just clear all the secure information in the ID chip and erase all Apple Pay information, not render the phone useless. The user then has to start over entering fingerprints and CC information, assuming they know the iCloud account that was tied to the phone. Why is that such a big deal for Apple to deal with?
    Because an illegitimate fingerprint sensor could be added to the phone using this method and then gain access to your information? This isn't complicated; I'll never understand how the media manages to spin everything into being the end of the world.