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  • SUV crashes through Apple Store, kills one, injures many more

     “A Fire Marshall at the scene described the crash as probably "intentional." “Probably” doesn’t cut it. People are going to vilify the driver enough as it is without knowing what actually happened.

    Of course on the other hand you don't know what information was passed between the driver and the Fire Marshall as he was being extracted and transported to the ambulance.  He (the Fire Marshall) may have a lot more insight on what happened than you think.

  • China would prefer TikTok shut down in US instead of sold to domestic company

    I do see the humor in all this.  If China wanted info on US citizens rather than collect info on the tweenies, and teens that use Tic Toc they could just go to Google, Facebook and purchase all the info they wanted. 
  • China would prefer TikTok shut down in US instead of sold to domestic company

    larryjw said:
    This is just Trump being an asshole. 
    I agree, Trump got all bent out of shape when the Tic Toc Tweenies made all those reservations for the OK rally.  After bragging about the "Great" attendance he was going to have, very few people actually showed up. 

  • Should you upgrade to the 2020 iPad Pro?

    Right now I have the 2015 iPad pro 12.9.  Used mostly for content consumption it didn't live up to my expectations as a effective laptop replacement.  Like you I do a lot of photography with a 46MP sensor camera.  Right now I'm in South TX for a 4 day shoot.  I will be ordering a 12.9" 1TB model when I get back.  My expectation is use LR on the iPad keeping one copy on the iPad, exporting a copy to a 2TB SSD for backup.  Replacing my laptop on the road.  It will be a more awkward workflow, but I won't have to be dragging  around the MacBook Pro + all the required paraphernalia.  If it works out I'll be retiring my laptop. Using the ipad on the road, and desktop at home.

  • Panicked selling of AAPL lets Apple buy back billions cheaply

    sirozha said:
    mdirvin said:
    The whole trick is timing.  I bought a bit early Dec. 2018, but still made over 450K.  I'm thinking its still a bit early we have several more legs down, maybe.  Who really knows you just take  your best guess and go with it.  I would ask my 3 year old grandson but he's a few states over right now. I could get as good of advice from him as I any of the "Experts".

    Mike, there's this new invention called "telephone". It's very cool. You can talk to people miles away; sometimes even in another city. Soon, you will be able to speak to your grandson who is 3 states away. Actually, Apple makes a few of these new amazing devices; they call it iPhone. 

    Thanks for the timely advice.  I did give him a call just after he finished his morning nap.   He suggested I hold off for a another month for the smoke to clear.