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  • Apple's Earth Day Beer Bash features solar-powered Ziggy Marley performance

    slydr2 said:
    Here’s to the founder of Earth Day, who loved the Earth so much that he killed and composted his girlfriend to keep her from polluting anymore.

    I guess you are just trolling? Ira Einhorn Is Not the Founder of Earth Day as if it mattered – Philadelphia Magazine via @phillymag. No mention of composting either.
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  • App Roundup: Canary for iOS, Handbrake 1.1.0 for Mac, plus Office 2016 for Mac, Moog Model...

    hexclock said:
    I would like to see a Moog Model D audio unit for Logic released. 
    The Model D really is their most approachable, "user friendly" (and great sounding) iOS app thus far. Extremely solid bass sounds, especially. I presume they'll continue to refine the sound selections and the sound organization because it's inconvenient to switch between favorite sounds quickly right now. I think Yonac Software does a better job with Favoriting and organization (they have numerous synth apps I've purchased).
    hexclockBoonmee udomjit(รวมพล)
  • Apple picks up TV adaptation of Isaac Asimov's 'Foundation' sci-fi novels

    Jonathon Nolan (Christopher Nolan’s brother) was supposed to be writing and preparing to direct this. Now it’s David Goyer? Hmm...  :|
  • Apple modular Mac Pro launch coming in 2019, new engineering group formed to guarantee fut...

    tipoo said:
    "Throughout, the idea of modularity was omnipresent. An iMac Pro with two iPad Pros hooked up to it allows for direct control, shortcuts and live access to the Logic manual all while you’re mixing a song on the main device. "

    Uh wait, you can do that? If not...Why not?! I always wanted tighter integration to use iPads to make Macs better. 
    Likewise. Also, the bigger point is being missed by Apple here... people want touchscreen capability on their displays!
  • Facebook says Cambridge Analytica may have collected data on up to 87M people

    wwchris said:
    I have zero outrage over this. I honestly don't even understand how it is a story.
    You are on Facebook. They collect your data (especially when you agree) and they target ads at you. That is what they do.
    People are worked up because the ads were political. It's not like they stole your money. Facebook is free. Ignore the ads if you don't like them.
    Are people angry on the behalf of people whose opinions are swayed but didn't know it? So what, same thing happens every time you see a politician speak or put and ad on TV. And they all have spin and god knows almost none of it is based in fact.
    Who cares? All sides have been targeting people this way for a long time.
    Ok, they gathered data that, only some of which was supposed to be shared and used it to put an ad in your feed. It's not like they were giving away your credit card data. Hell, Google scrubs my personal email for keywords to target ads and that seems way more intrusive.
    Ignore the ads and move on with your life.
    I do it everyday on Facebook.
    It is a story because 300,000 people took the test. The testers then sucked up 87 million more records without permission associated with the 300,000 that agreed to take the test.
    Hasn't it basically been possible to slurp up this kind of data if a firm was willing to pay Facebook for it? I believe marketing firms pay for and collect this kind of data all the time. Besides, this wasn't information like Social Security numbers, phone numbers, dates of birth, etc., as was the case in the Equifax datatastrophe.